now also in English!

Responding to numerous requests from likely-minded news portals and our readers, we have just launched a separate website with English translations of our editorials. It is smaller than its Polish counterpart, but offers a glimpse into our local perspective into the global issue. is the biggest and the most popular portal in Poland dealing with problems associated with Islam. Basing on humanistic values, it presents a balanced, often not deprived of a pinch of humour, criticism of its social aspect, without associations to any side of the political spectrum. It covers news from Polish and international press, presents interviews, editorials and articles sent by readers.

It has over a million unique visitors a year.

Apart from this, the publisher – Europa Przyszłości association – is a well recognized think-tank, whose representatives are frequent guests to Polish media and institutions. It also publishes books and the paper magazine “Euroislam” with social and political analyses.