2015 New Years Eve Chaos in Cologne: leaked police video

Police unable to control refugees
German police forces overwhelmed by the New Years Eve Chaos in Cologne, December 2015
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The police watched New Years Eve Chaos in Cologne, overwhelmed, the migrant rebellion and attacks on women during New Years Eve 2015 in Cologne.


A two-minute recording by the police, published by the local daily paper „Kölner Stadt Anzeiger” is a proof of complete New Years Eve Chaos in Cologne and resulting confusion of insufficient police force sent on New Year’s Eve to the area of Cathedral in Cologne.

After a year it was admitted that asylum seekers, practically in plain sight of the police, raped 22 women and that hundreds fell victim to various kinds of violence and sexual harassment. Most criminal proceedings after New Years Eve chaos in Cologne were brought to a grinding halt due to lack of evidence.

Commenting on events from a year ago Alice Schwarzer, editor of the feminist magazine „EMMA” said: “It was an attack on women’s freedom. It was not about sex. It was about power. This was a terrorist act carried with male hands as weapons”.

One of the abused talked about fingers inserted in all body orifices. Other had her tights and underwear torn off her. Another told about being surrounded by a group of asylum seekers, called the worst names and being repeatedly groped in intimate areas. The excesses were often filmed by the other attackers.

”We were told that all this happened only to steal mobile phones off the women. What was it that they wanted to tell us? That sexual abuse is not a crime? By the way those who want to steal a mobile phone usually do it stealthily and quickly. Men, who in large numbers surrounded helpless women, did it with purpose. It was not about stealing phones but mostly about stripping women off their dignity” – commented the editor of the women’s magazine.

From Cologne for Euroislam: Agnieszka E. Wolska

Sources: Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, „Emma”, YT

Translation of spoken word in the video:


– „Don’t touch me!“

ORIGINALAUFNAME der POLIZEI (original recording of police – made by special officials filming performance of police)

– „Schlägerei auf der Treppe” – „brawl at the stairs”

– „Du kommst jetzt mit“ – „You will come with us now„ (police to on of the aggressive migrants)

– „Now stop”

– „Separate them”

Data about effects of New Years Eve:

-365 investigations without even determining suspects

– 22 rapes (so called „full rape”)

– 189 cases of sexual abuse

– 157 cases of harassment with sexual undertone

– 1 case of exhibitionism

Im Einsatz (… ) – At the area of the railway station and cathedral evidently there too few policemen

Sie schaffen (…) – This modest force could not control large crowds at the cathedral

Aufnahmen (…) – Recordings show clearly how hopeless were the attempts by the officers.

Alle wieder runter (…) – Everybody back downstairs, there along… No please go back. Everybody back downstairs.

Hier (…) – Here, at the back of stairs to cathedral we can’t, with only three officers, secure everything in both directions.

Ich (…) – I am here on my own, entirely on my own – shouts helplessly one of the policemen.

Ich finde (…) – No, in my opinion everything here happens a bit ad hoc. I do not know why something like this is allowed (another policeman about the situation in front of the railway station).

Die lassen (….) – Here they only allow every second person…

After a year from New Years Eve only 20 perpetrators have been imprisoned.

Only in three cases sentence was connected to crime with sexual background

Proceedings into other 52 accused of causing the New Years Eve chaos in Cologne have been suspended

[because of lack of evidence – editor]

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