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A British family adopted a 12-year-old Afghan boy, fleeing the war torn country. As it was later revealed, it wasn’t a child that they let into their house, but a 21-year-old man connected to the Islamic State.


Children of Syrian refugees are slave workers across all Turkish territory. They are sewing clothes for a British brand “Marks and Spencer”. Representatives of the business claim that they didn’t know who was being employed by their Turkish supplier.


The French government moved from words to actions. The evacuation of the immigrant camps in Calais has begun. Nomads will be relocated to other camps throughout France, however, local population protests against the relocation.


Evacuation of the ‘jungle’ doesn’t go smoothly, however. Immigrants are fighting with the police. Unis are now and again attacked brutally.


Hungarians are toughening their barriers at the border with Serbia. Budapest fears another wave of immigrants. Since the beginning of the crisis the leader of the republic, Victor Orban, refuses admission of newcomers to their territory.


German interior minister admitted that the gang rapes in Cologne were a turning point in the discussion on the issue of immigrants. A prominent politician in the government of Angela Merkel wants to protect traditional, national values. Will these words save the, plummeting in the polls, ruling party?


Will imperial ambitions of the Turkish president Erdogan lead to another conflict in the Balkans and the Middle East? In his article dr Kostrzewa-Zorbas indicates at the propaganda held in the Ottoman Epire spirit and rearming the army.


Digest by Piotr Ślusarczyk

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