Our first step was a trip on 17 December 2004 to a rally in Brussels, where at the square of Rue du Luxembourg, along withs other European citizens, we were demonstrating against, just taken, the decision to open the route for the Accession of Turkey. The day before, in protest against this decision, we had covered the famous landmark Warsaw Nike statue in chador. This idea has been copied. Chador covered also the Copenhagen’s Mermaid.

Year 2005:

1. Activity within the pan-European campaign Voice for Europe:

A. Collecting signatures on the streets of several Polish cities.

B. The Debate in Wrocław with the participation of politicians and representatives of science

C. Meetings in Brussels with MEPs supporting our initiative

D. Demonstrations in Brussels and Vienna in connection with the meeting of the European Council.

E. Demonstration in Warsaw on the eve of the opening of accession negotiations

2. Cooperation with the Armenian minority in Poland in terms of the recognition of the Armenian genocide by Turkey. Designing and preparing the photographic exhibition at the centre of Wrocław commemorating genocide, which then was shown in Cracov and Warsaw. Organising debates on the subject.

3. Screenings and debates in cinemas in Warsaw, Cracov, Łódź and Wrocław co-organised with the foundation Moma Studio.

In 2006 we organised a letter of support of Polish intellectuals for Oriana Fallaci. It was signed by leading figures of Polish politics, science and the media. It was the only protest of its kind in Europe against the attempted restrictions of freedom of speech of European society imposed by radical Muslims. With regret we observed how tired with illness heroine had no rest in the last months before her death. We decided to have, at the end of the year, debate in Warsaw on the boundaries of freedom of speech. We justified it by the events related to the caricatures of Muhammad, Oriana Fallaci and statements on Islam by Benedict XVI. We were honoured by the presence of Mrs. Magdalena Środa and gentelmen Jacek Hołówka, Jacek Pałasiński and Jacek Żakowski.

The association reborned in late 2008. The result of our civic involvement was the online magazine.


Euroislam.pl is the biggest and the most popular portal in Poland dealing with problems associated with Islam. Basing on humanistic values, it presents a balanced, often not deprived of a pinch of humour, criticism of its social aspect, without associations to any side of the political spectrum. It covers news from Polish and international press, presents interviews, editorials and articles sent by readers.

It has over a million unique visitors a year.

Apart from this, the publisher – Europa Przyszłości association – is a well recognized think-tank, whose representatives are frequent guests to Polish media and institutions. It also publishes books and the paper magazine “Euroislam” with social and political analyses.

Euroislam.pl is now available also in English!

Responding to numerous requests from likely-minded news portals and our readers, we have launched a separate website with English translations of our editorials. It is smaller than its Polish counterpart, but offers a glimpse into our local perspective into the global issue.