After Chemnitz – a few comments from Germany

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After the events in Chemnitz, most of the German media, followed by some members of the Polish press, focused on the alleged “hunting for immigrants” or “lynching.” None of this should have happened.

However, this is not the only perspective of the events in Chemnitz. Alternative perspectives do not only belong to the extreme right. We present some of them.
“The state of the law is obliged to oppose even the smallest impression that it can sympathise with anti-constitutional movements in any way. (…) The rule of law must make it clear who can and who is not allowed to stay in Germany. Politicians must clearly state what they expect from people arriving in Germany.”
“What we have seen in politics and media in the case of Chemnitz is hate and fury (for our nation – editorial note), which is based not on facts, but apparently on the reports of the radical left.”
– Vera Lengsfeld, oppositionist from the GDR period, was a politician of the Greens and CDU, writer and journalist.
“The sources of riots are springing from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement – “we can make it.”
Wolfgang Kubicki – vice chairman of the liberal FDP party, in Handelsblatt.
“The 2020s will be difficult because clashes in society will be difficult. Almost no one can explain it easily, but many feel it. The archaic behaviours of immigrants brought with them are being taken over by an increasing number of citizens because they believe that the state alone will not be able to act. If immigrants do not respect the police, why should they comply [with the rules]? Democracy is a voluntary matter. The state must have general respect or lose ground in society. “
Antje Hermenau in “Cicero”, entrepreneur, publicist, former chairwoman of the Greens in Saxony. “Cicero” is a conservative-liberal German magazine
“Chemnitz is another example of the failure of political bodies and the media. Because of pure political correctness, a sober analysis is rejected. The one who sweeps the problems under the carpet does not solve them. And the problem that must be addressed here is the crime of those who seek asylum. Anyone who commits a serious crime in Germany or commits another crime, for example in the event of theft, loses our solidarity and the right to protection. It would increase our acceptance of refugees if such people did not abuse our support.”
Carl Christian Jancke – journalist, writing for “Handelsblatt” and “Die Welt.”

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