Anti-semitic violence in Europe has the face of Islam and the left-wing

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They claim that Muslims will become the Jews of Europe of 21st century. They compare the skepticism of open borders with the Holocaust. The thief is the first to shout: ‘Catch the thief!’ – this is one of the conclusions that comes to mind after reading the report of the C-REX (the Centre for Research on Extremism) released by the University of Oslo.

The report entitled ‘Anti-Semitic violence in Europe 2005-2015’ prepared by the C-REX, presented not only data on the number of the attacks but also on those who organized them. The report is based on the analysis of the poll carried out by the European Union Agency for the Fundamental Rights.

According to the victims of Anti-Semitism questioned in France, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain, Muslims are the most frequently identified as responsible for the attacks, followed by groups and people of left-wing views. Only in Germany the right wing came ahead of the left.

The author of the commentary explains the discrepancy between the statistics presented by the German police and the accounts of the victims. Biased perception and incorrect classification of reported Anti-Semitic incidents as rightist include some of the explanations.

The only optimistic information from report is that Anti-Semitic violence has not increased over the past decade.


Source: C-Rex Report

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