What An Unexpected, Highly Ethical Catastrophe

highly ethical catastrophe muslim immigration
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Politicians and European elites, instead of fact-based and cause and effect policies, endow their own citizens with the moral blackmail in their narratives on Muslim immigration, which lead to a “higly ethical catastrophe”.

They do it in the name of the utopian vision of the multicultural society (left), the attempt to exonerate themselves from the “Holocaust complex” (Germany), or ecumenical dialogue and the sense of a moral superiority (Catholic Church).

Ideological leftist orthodoxy

Positions favourable to Muslim emigration are interrelated, sharing the same fondness for ethically involved political ideas and a clear aversion to facts. Ideological or religious orthodoxy has taken over the mind and invalidated the pragmatic solution to the problem with immigration. The left, supporting Muslim immigration, want to implement the ideal of a society which is deprived of a definite cultural identity, as well as to redeem the faults of ‘colonialism’. At the same time, this full of humanitarianism attitude primarily concerns the ‘opposed’ ones. Left-wing activists, work hard to convince the public that the true problem of Europeans is the desire to sustain one’s culture and too little receptiveness towards the “Other”.

For this reason, not only information about mass rapes committed by visitors are being censored, but also false police statements are made, lying that the crime was committed by a German or a Swedish. Some feminists have even demanded to tolerate sexual offences against women if committed by a ‘newcomer’. Therefore, the protection of a women against the rapist is becoming an act of a cultural chauvinism.

And this is how the ideological orthodoxy leads to a paradox – in the name of equality, one should tolerate or hide the number of rapes. In such context, a cynic might say: revolution requires victims.

Germany’s neurotic politics

For equally paradoxical can be considered Angela Merkel and her actions. Actually, the idea of opening the boarders was supported by millions of Germans. A passionate call to the society can be easily found in the archives, as well as the words of politicians on historical debt, and photos of the crowd holding the “Refugees Welcome” sign. I dare say that the motive behind these mass German emotions was a desire to show the world that the German people can morally revive and help the victims of the war in the Middle East. It was also to prove, that although the Nazi Germany has millions of lives on their conscience, after more than 70 years they were able to save millions of others. The problem is however, that behind this neurotic idea there is a shameful truth.

In 2016, there were more than three and a half thousand attacks on immigrants and their centres. More than five hundred people were injured in racist attacks, including forty-four children. The police have registered more than two hundred assaults on volunteers helping refugees.

However, this is only one side of the coin. A botched immigration policy has led to increased crime and terrorist threats. Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), said openly that the situation in Germany had ceased to be normal. The official admitted that in his country, the police has identified one thousand six hundred terrorists, including nearly six hundred that were already ready to assassinate.

People in need must be helped however, we cannot put in danger our own society and in the long run exposing our citizens to a further stage of a ‘clash of civilizations’.

Comparing to the previous year, the number of Jihadist followers increased by half in Germany. And this is how Germany, in the name of European values, deep humanism and attempts to erase faults of their fathers, led to a situation in which Muslim terrorists clash with criminals who are ready to set immigrant centres on fire.

Therefore, in order to obliterate remorse for shed innocent blood, even more blood will have to be spilled. Already today in many places in Europe, the civil war seems to be a viable scenario.

Pro-Islamic lobby in Church

Pope Francis, since the beginning of the refugee crisis, repeats St Matthew from the Gospel: “I was a stranger, and you took me”. The words of the Bishop of Rome are to persuade Catholics, that the current policy of the European authorities is in line with the teaching of Christ; hence, many Catholic organizations want to accept Muslims in Europe, as they see it only as the figure of a Samaritan.

The pro-Islamic lobby is also present in the Polish Church. The organization ‘Ties’, a few years ago carried out the campaign “Do not be afraid of Islam’, which aimed to convince the Polish society that Islam was basically a religion of peace. Today the same organization, despite a disgrace, continues to promote the ‘polaroid’ version of Islam, this time involving cardinal Nycz.

On March 5, during the Mass the clergyman read a letter in which he urged the government and the believers to accept refugees. “The most important is that the local governments are willing to take up the topic on the humanitarian corridors. Of course, an openness of the State authorities is needed, and this is what I look forward to. It is about sensitivity of the mercy of which Jesus speaks in the sermon, and of which St. John Paul II reminds us of. It is about a significant symbol of our sensitivity to people who need a radical help. It is also about the image of Poland and the Church in Poland’ – the document reads.

Unfortunately, we will not know from the letter what image exactly is meant, and in whose eyes the admission of Muslim immigrants into Poland supposed to improve our PR. Nycz, however, warns the believers against the temptation of not accepting refugees. For such reason, he refers to Raskolnikov, who left the Decalogue to commit a crime. The paradox of recalling this context is that today, the ax doesn’t flow with the blood of an old usurer, but it becomes a tool of a seventeen-year-old jihadist who has decided to kill those who have accepted him.

Maybe it is worth a look for another quote from the Gospel of St. Matthew – ‘Be aware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?’.

It is astonishing, that the Church does not stand for defending the Christians killed in the Middle East, or does not intervene in the case of those who are persecuted by the Muslim majority in the refugee centers. Therefore, it only remains to count on those who are able to think critically and understand that helping refugees has an economic and a social sense if only provided on the spot – where they come from. People in need must be helped, but we cannot put our own society in danger and in the long run exposing our citizens to a further stage of the ‘clash of civilizations’.

Piotr Ślusarczyk

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