Attacked by Erdogan’s mercenaries

attacked by erdogans mercenaries islamophobia
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Islamists will use lies and insinuations to attack us, we have no illusions about it. But why are Polish scientists doing it by working for a think tank that supports the policy of the Islamist Turkish government?

The next version of report titled „European Islamophobia” for 2017 was published, funded and commissioned by the SETA think tank, associated with the Turkish Islamic party AKP and the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. SETA is an organisation that supports the policy of the Turkish government towards a dictatorship based on Islamism and Nationalism. Last year we described the links of this governmental non-governmental organisation.

The part concerning „Islamophobia” in Poland was not written this year by dr Konrad Pędziwiatr, on whom we intervened at his university and who in a conversation for „Do Rzeczy” explained that he did not know… for whom he writes.

This year it was dr Anna Piela and Anna Łukjanowicz who were not concerned about the fate of the arrested scientists, journalists and opposition politicians and decided to support the policy of the authoritarian government in Ankara. Turkish President Erdogan also applies the term „Islamophobia”, trying to deflect European criticism of undemocratic and violating human rights actions.

In fact, this should be enough for a description of the moral attitude of the authors of the report, although after referring to its content, we will come back to them.

As in the previous year,dr Pędziwiatr, to slander us, not only fantasised without checking what he was writing about, but also went so far as to evidently lie, so this year the authors did not bother to link our alleged „Islamophobia ” to any facts.

Europa Przyszłości association ( remains the most important actor in legitimising Islamophobia by contrasting Islam with the ideas of enlightenment, human rights and democracy. Analyses published by receive a ‘scientific’ face through the academic qualifications of active members of the network, who are being invited to public debates or to comment on current issues in the mainstream media.”

By making these accusations, they did not provide references, sources or quotes for them. We were accused of „legitimising Islamophobia,” but no evidence was provided. It is not about explaining something, but about stigmatising someone and throwing them out of the public debate.

Islam versus the Enlightenment


The statement that Islam with its political ideology is the opposite of the ideas of Enlightenment is not a phobia but a statement of fact. Claims that political Islam rejects revealed truths, privatises religion, and desires a secular state, can not be defended, simply because in Islam there is no idea of separation between politics and the state – the mosque and the community of the faithful perform political functions, and the ideas of jihad, sharia and the caliphate they are overtly anti-enlightenment. This knowledge is universal. It is not a coincidence that Voltaire wrote the play „Fanaticism, or Mahomet the Prophet,” juxtaposing the religious fundamentalism with the idea of Enlightenment’s tolerance.

Many authors would admit that Islam has not ultimately reached its age of Enlightenment, putting rationalism above the dogma of faith. For some time, at the dawn of Islam, there was a strong movement of Mutazilites, so-called Muslim rationalists, which ended with the demise of the Abbasid Caliphate, as they were defeated. Besides, according to our interview with Muslim reformer professor Bassam Tibi, Mutazilites said „they did not treat a man as an individual in the same way as Immanuel Kant, they believed in reason, but they did not claim to be „beyond faith”.” „They said there were two areas – one is religious faith, where there is revelation, but it is unlike European enlightenment, where reason stands above revelation,” sums up the Muslim scholar. Muslim rationalists were closer to St. Thomas Aquinas, than to the philosopher from Königsberg.

To sum up: yes, we set Islam against the three ideas mentioned by the authors, as much as large part of the scientific world and the mainstream Muslims themselves.

The second attempt was a fascination with Enlightenment in the face of the development of Europe in the 19th century, in Turkey or in Egypt. At that time, attempts were made to adapt the Enlightenment ideas to the Muslim countries. Worth mentioning above all were Rifa al-Tahtawi and Jamal ab-Din al-Afghani. Rationalist ideas in the circle of Muslim culture emerged, but they failed to change the doctrine of Islam, or to significantly change the cultural paradigms. Hence the strong correlation between the prevailing Islam in a given country and the lack of democratic institutions.

Islam versus democracy


Yes, we juxtapose the current, mainstream Islam and democracy. And what’s worse, although we would like it to be different, Islam in its political version is a threat to democracy. Key countries that were hoping to reconcile Islam with democracy such as Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia are moving away from democratic principles. The same Turkey, which pays the authors of the report, chokes the opposition, keeps journalists and administration employees in prisons, assaults the neighbouring state under the pretext of terrorism, attacks civilians, takes over the property and media associated with the opposition, monopolises the president’s power, contrary to the claims of Turkish apparatchiks it does not resemble a presidential system known in the West, in France or the United States.

Turkey is followed by Indonesia, which is increasingly subject to the control of Islamist groups, and the non-democratic and xenophobic elements are beginning to play an increasingly important role there. This is clearly shown by the defeat by the popular vote of Governor Jakarta, who lost his position because he was a Christian and dared to undermine the Koran’s interpretation prohibiting unbelievers from ruling Muslims. Then he was sentenced to two years in prison. Sowe oppose Islam’s democracy, really?

Even if we move away from the practice to the theory of power, we can read in writings by the professionals such as prof Janusz Danecki, that „power in Islam had the theocratic character from the very beginning.” This explains that the origin of the law is God, therefore, it is also power’s origin. We read further that „Muslim law limits human interference in the creation of law. It is fixed and fixed once and for all, and the human task can only be its interpretation, explanation.”

Meanwhile, democracy presupposes something completely different: it is a man who is the law, regardless of the principles given by God. The democratic system is based on the separation of the secular and religious spheres, which especially does not appeal to Islamists, who write treatises like „free democracy from the fetters of secularism” – which is an absurd in itself.

Islam versus human rights


Yes, we juxtapose Islam with human rights, more or less for the same reasons that we contrast it with democracy. The concepts of human rights arose in the West as rights innate to us from birth, immutable and impossible to challenge. Meanwhile, the Muslim states have created their separate category of Islamic human rights – as defined by the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam.

Human rights were there subordinated to the religious authority of the Quran, allegedly transmitted by God. Some of the provisions of this declaration violate the basic principle of equality in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Probably no court in Europe, including the European Court of Human Rights, has ever based its regulation on these Islamic laws.

What is more, the ECHR in its ruling dismissing the complaint of the outlawed Turkish Refah party (the ideological predecessor of the paymasters of the report’s authors) recognising that the party’s goals were contrary to democracy, because the Sharia law, which they wanted to introduce, is contrary to human rights.


To sum up: yes, we set Islam against the three ideas mentioned by the authors, as much as large part of the scientific world and the mainstream Muslims themselves. Even assuming that we sometimes make mistakes, we do not know where it would „legitimise Islamophobia”. It seems that the actions of the authors taken together with Islamists are the methodology of „name and shame”, which has less to do with discussion and concern for tolerance, and more with censorship, ideological oppression and political persecution.

erdogan mercenaries attack free speech islamophobia

[photo]Turkey imprisons the largest number of journalists and wants to punish Europe for criticism of Islam under pretence of Islamophobia

In a world where political correctness is the only determinant, the conference organised by the MP Tadeusz Dziuba and the Congress of Conservative Women is referred to as pseudoscientific. It does not matter that there were professors present, who study topics related to Islam, as well as relations between Sharia law and European law. The main charge of the Islamophobia hunters is that Muslims did not speak on it. Do they submit the same postulate so that communists would speak at conferences on communism, sinological conferences could not take place without the Chinese, and Mars research without Martians?

Manipulation of official data


Another issue in the report, which does not concern us, but draws our attention, is the number of hate crimes against Muslims in Poland.

The authors state that these hate crimes in the period from January to 30 October 2017 were 664. That’s a large number and they provide a credible source – the Ministry of Interior and Administration. Meanwhile, one can find completely different data in the press. Director of the Department of Analysis and Migration Policy in the Ministry of Interior and Administration Adam Knych, speaking about the same period, spoke about 91 proceedings.

We have also received information from the ministry that the verified number of proceedings in this period is 100, and 123 in the whole year. This is a significant difference. Mistake, or warming up the hostility of the Muslim world towards Poland, which exacerbates the security situation in our country? Maybe the Ministry of Interior and Administration should get interested in such incitement?

We have no doubt as to why the report uses the allegation of „Islamophobia”. This report targets Norwegian and Austrian journalists, writers and commentators, who undermine the very introduction of the concept of „Islamophobia” as a tool for Islamists who silence critics. What a coincidence that one of the Polish authors of this document, Anna Łukjanowicz, represents Muslim Cultural Centre in Warszawie–Ochota, which is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood organisations in Europe and in the world.

It is no secret that for years we have been exposing and describing the links between the Muslim League in the Republic of Poland and the affiliated Muslim Association for Cultural Education, and the Muslim Students Association, with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. We write about their publications which are contrary to human rights and about the statements that definitely indicate views contrary to current political system. We quote critical opinions from other authors, including official publications of the Internal Security Agency.

Dwarf plants or weeds, sown by Satan in the garden of the human soul,” was the description of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Sayyid Qutb, translated by the Muslim Students Association. Here for example, one can notice Łukjanowicz’s ignorance when she alleges that we juxtapose human rights to Islam. Are there any doubts that the charge of “Islamophobia” is levelled at the critics of political Islam? A Turkish Islamist think tank, paying royalties to authors, believes that the disclosure of this weaponisation of the term is also „Islamophobia”.

In turn, dr Anna Piela from Trinity University of Leeds is a feminist, who supports the right of women to wear niqab. The right to wear the most patriarchal garment invented by the world. She believes that the fact that such clothing is oppressive in other parts of the world does not mean that Muslim women in Great Britain should be put under pressure not to wear it. The attempts of Muslim women and other feminists to stand up against this costume she describes as „the witch hunt” and the classic Orientalist argument about the oppression of women in the Islamic world as „we vs. them”. I wonder what the suffragettes, animated by the Enlightenment, which we dare set against Islam, would say?

It is quite obvious for us that such attacks by Islamists and people possessed by multiculturalism will keen happening. We are not deluding ourselves that such people would not use insinuations, lies, or baseless accusations. Such pro-Islamist aggression can be observed all over the world today. Something else is surprising. The fact that you can take money for it, or even do it at the request of a think tank associated with the Turkish government and the Islamic party of the AKP, with everything that has already manifestly happened in recent years.

So if the authors of the „report” ascribing to us „Islamophobia” mean that provides strong arguments to people like us who are concerned about the expansion of religious fanaticism in liberal Europe, then that is exactly what we mean.

If, on the other hand, they want to convince the reader that we „legitimise Islamophobia”, that is, we encourage hooligans to attack dark-skinned immigrants, we disagree with the authors: the bald-headed youth, unlike us, are hardly advocates of human rights, freedom of speech and rational discussion.

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The Polish original” Atakują nas najemniczki Erdogana

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