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Justin Trudeau at a prayer in mosque (second from the left)
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Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau won the elections with the slogan „Because it’s 2015″, which was response to the female journalist’s question, why the gender equality is so important to the candidate. Hashtag #becauseits2015 was trending in social media .

In 2016 things were slightly different. Trudeau as a leader of a secular state and a representative of the liberals appeared at the celebration of Eid al-Adha holiday in a mosque which was practicing gender segregation.

What changed Trudeau’s stance during that year? If one looks into his public appearances in the past, it turns out that that 2015, the election year was exceptional. Previous years Prime Minister spent courting votes of Muslims.

In 2011, as a member of parliament, he visited Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in Montreal, recruitment centre for Al-Kaida, as claimed by the US secret service’s reports that leaked a month after the visit. Trudeau tried to explain that he had no previous knowledge of the facts, but the views of extremist mosque in the province Quebec had been publicly known since 2006. CBC’s document from July of that year reveals a recording, in which the imam praying to Allah calls to „kill all enemies of Islam, till the last one”. It was also disclosed that fatwas published by the mosque’s radical Saudi clerics were calling to kill Muslims who did not adhere to Islamic rituals.

The same year Trudeau strongly protested against the term „honour killings” and describing the practice of „female genital mutilation” as „barbaric” in the guide for people applying for Canadian citizenship. According to the future prime minister such a definition would not change anything and in his opinion it was unacceptable. He apologised under pressure from the public, retracted his words and pronounced publicly such practices as barbaric.

Visiting mosques, no criticism of Muslims, even the fundamentalists, forgetting the gender inequality, paid off for the “liberal” candidate for prime minister.”

In the following years, willing to win the votes of the Muslim community, Trudeau visited a number of mosques, in which he criticised the Conservative government’s policy as society splitting. He happened to be preset in mosques and at events sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America and Canada (ISNA Canada).

In 2013 ISNA Canada had a charitable status revoked by Canadian tax authority, over legitimate concerns that the collected funds go to terrorists. ISNA collected funds for the Relief Organisation for Kashmiri Muslims, a charitable arm of Jamaat-e-Islami, an Islamist party engaging in terrorism through the activities of Hizbul Mujahideen, an organisation prohibited by the EU.

Did it bother Trudeau? Apparently not. Before the election he openly championed withdrawal from the coalition against the Islamic State and normalisation of Canada’s relations with Iran.

Visiting mosques, no criticism of Muslims, even the fundamentalists, forgetting about gender inequality, paid off for the „liberal” candidate

for the prime minister. After his participation in the prayer at a mosque, Liberals and Trudeau gained a big advantage within the Muslim community, which believed that he is their prime minister.

Trudeau probably cares about nothing except popularity, which can be exemplified by a scandal concerning Fidel Castro’s death.

When Trudeau called the deceased dictator „energetic leader, who served his nation” and „the legendary revolutionist, who significantly improved the system of education and health care in Cuba”, there was a media storm and Canadian Prime Minister, noticing loss of popularity, resigned from his participation in the funeral.

So it is not important whether we live in 2015 or 2016 or in 21st century. The problem is that liberal leaders lack the spine and we lose the fight with Islamism „because it’s Trudeau” and his ilk.

Jan Wójcik

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