Belgian Muslim’s March for Power

belgian muslims
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Brussels, is one one hand the capital of the European Union, and on the other the most significant Muslim community centre in the West. Approximately 30 percent of its inhabitants worship Allah.

There is basically no mixing-up between Muslims and the rest of the citizens. It doesn’t seem to bother eurocrats to continue dreaming about the multicultural society. But one can clearly see, that the “multikulti” idea obviously means the existence of monocultural ghettos.

“Jihad is a Muslim’s duty”


In March 2016 Jihadists slaughtered 32 people in a series of terrorist attacks. Shocked public keep asking question, how could it have happened in a multicultural Belgium. The parliament demands a report on the radicalisation amongst the Muslim minority. National Centre of terrorism monitoring (OCAM) creates a report, which claims that in mosques financed by countries of the Persian Gulf preach contents hostile to homosexuals, Jews and infidels.

According to the Islam Party activists, men and women should be separated in buses and trams, and in the canteens next to public institutions halal food must be served

Sharia textbooks and commentaries on the sacred texts of Islam are full of hatred; one can find out from them that gays should be stoned or thrown from a high building, while Jews are “corrupt, evil and treacherous.” Writing that “armed jihad is an individual duty of every Muslim” is simply an encouragement to commit violence against unbelievers.

Kids want to cut throats


In August 2017, the newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (a Dutch newspaper published in Belgium – ed.) published a report about the radicalization of Muslim children in the Flemish kindergarten and pre-school centre in the city of Ronse. Six preschoolers threatened to kill “infidels”, called them “pigs”, pretended to cut their throats and recited fragments of the Quran.

Young Muslims came from religious families, so they skipped Friday classes on a regular basis. The school authorities recommended caution – both in the interpretation of the report, claiming that the described problem concerned one percent of pupils – but at the same time the children’s behaviour worried teachersand could not be explained by immaturity.

Religious fanaticism is a serious problem for Belgian education. In Flanders, since 2016, there has been a preventive program against radicalization “Netwerk Islamexperten”, which included half a thousand students in the course of one and a half years of existence; a similar team in Wallonia and Brussels intervened 73 times. This does not mean, however, that the problem of religious fanaticism in these regions does not exist, quite the opposite – the authorities either want to cover up the problem or do not intervene in Muslim boroughs.

Molenbeek Fake News

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Islamic Party runs for power


Political activity of Belgian Muslims seriously started at the beginnig of the 21st century.

The European-Arabic League tried to activate the Muslim electorate in 2003 and 2004 on the occasion of both parliamentary and local elections. This anti-Semitic organization that promoted the Sharia law did not achieve much success back then.

The situation slightly changed in 2012, when the Islam Party introduced in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht their representatives. One of the councilors supported the demand for sharia in the Kingdom of Belgium.

As of today, this Muslim party runs in the October local elections. Officially, they do not openly support Sharia law, but actually they want parts of Sharia law to be obligatory for all Belgians. According to the Islam Party activists, men and women should be separated in buses and trams, and in the canteens next to public institutions halal food should be served.

Making such postulates hits the democracy and cultural heritage of the Belgians. The legal system remains helpless in face of Muslims who want to introduce Sharia law, using elections.

Although there are voices that their postulates are undemocratic and contrary to the constitution, the party continues to legally operate. Given the growing Muslim population in Belgium, the Islam Party may be more successful than a few years ago.

Today, the Muslim population is around 8%, and by 2050, Muslims may be over two and a half million, which will translate into 11% of the total population of the country.

So it looks like Belgium that we know is begining to disappear.

Piotr Sebastian Ślusarczyk

Polish original: Belgijski marsz muzułmanów po władzę

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One response to “Belgian Muslim’s March for Power”

  1. I am Belgian and this is my experience with muslims.
    The situation is much worse than here described…
    As an example, at my workplace, we already have muslim chefs and they clearly treat other muslims better than native Belgians.
    There is a penalty system in my work that measures how good you are doing with your job and it shows a very big difference between native Belgians, non-muslims from other countries AND muslims. Guess who is working better…
    Personally, I also see they behaviour change dramatically when their numbers rise.
    This is the case in my hometown. Some years ago everybody get together nicely, now their children have grown up, their numbers also grown up and now they don’t even respect traffic laws anymore.
    – Oh, you came with the bike and have priority? I don’t care!
    The police also clearly fear them! This is insane! If you have a serious confrontation with a muslim and feel the need to call the police, you my friend are asking for trouble!…
    It takes 1 phone call from one of them and in less than 5 minutes you are completely surrounded by muslims while the police takes 10 minutes (or more!)… if the police realises that the call for help involves muslims, you better get a chair!
    I saw this happening!
    Europe better wake up, and Poland is a very good example!

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