„Religion of… eternal peace”. The „Charlie Hebdo” journalists did not put away their pens

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After the attacks on their editorial, they claimed to cease criticising Islam. Their silence has ended. The new cover of French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” strikes back at the “religion of peace”.

The issue, published after recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Barcelona, on its cover depicts runaway van of the killer and a caption „religion of… eternal peace”.

Half a year after the terrorist attack on „Charlie Hebdo”, in which twelve people were murdered, the editor-in-chief announced that no more caricatures of the Muhammad would be published. He stated that the satirical weekly had fulfilled its mission. Two years after the attacks, at the beginning of this year, in protest against the new, lenient policy towards the Islamic extremists journalist Zineb el Razhoui left the team.

Fortunately, in face of terror the editorial office does not intend to remain silent, which is even more significant as they are clearly aware of the price paid and the real danger. They do not target the Muhammad directly but they are dispelling popularised by the Muslims themselves notion of „religion of peace”, which is supposed to be synonymous with the world Islam. Questioning this „dogma” of multiculturalism, not even the Islam itself, has already proved to be deadly dangerous.

Over two years ago, in face of the tragedy, in the gesture of solidarity we wrote „Je suis Charlie”. Today we can proudly say the same: „Je suis Charlie!”

Jan Wójcik

The Polish original “Islam, religia pokoju…wiecznego. Redakcja Charlie Hebdo nie złożyła piór”

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