Donald Trump – Bane of Muslims?

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One of the groups most terrified by election of Donald Trump for president are Muslims.


And not only those in the United States, who could feel insecure about anti-Muslim rhetoric of Trump, who after Islamic terrorist attacks was calling for a stop of immigration from Islamic countries and closer supervision of mosques. It turns out, as reported by „Daily Mail” or „Forward”, president Trump is feared by Muslims all over the world.

Where were those Muslims when Barack Obama turned Libya into a failed state?”

They are scared of him because in their opinion his election is wind in the sails of ISIS and other terrorist organisations, since he is supposed to confirm the view of the terrorists that the West is fundamentally anti-Muslim.

Where were those Muslims when apparently one of the most advantageous presidents to them, Barack Obama, turned Libya into a failed state, allowing the terrorists there to thrive?

Where were they when Obama’s administration’s official, and later Trump’s opponent, Hilary Clinton was helping with sending arms to Syrian rebels via Qatar and Saudi Arabia – arms which ultimately found their way into the hands of jihadists, ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

Where were they when after Arab Spring the American administration supported Muslim Brotherhood and deluded itself that it was the dawn of democratic Egypt. Furthermore, Sunnis in Yemen slaughter Shiites (mutually), Sunnis in Syria slaughter Alawites, who are supporters of Shiites (mutually), but United States are to blame for this state of affairs?

And who, among others, is afraid of Trump?

In United States, still during campaign, those „frightened” were dominated by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), one of the organisations of Muslim Brotherhood in the US, established by the people connected to Hamas.

Today Trump is feared by Council of Muslim Scholars in Indonesia, which predicts that he will cause tensions between USA and the Muslim world. World, which Council intends to shape according to sharia – without bikini, alcohol, „heretic” newspapers but on the other hand with genitally mutilated girls.

Spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood Mamdouh Al-Muneer called Trumps election „disaster” to Arab and Muslim world.

Downfall of America” was prophesied by sheik Awad Al-Qarni – Saudi cleric who merely a few years ago was offering $100.000 US for abduction of an Israeli soldier.

Higher number of wars” is feared by wishing to preserve anonymity member of government of Bangladesh, the same government which was turning a blind eye on killing of apostates from Islam, dissidents and free thinkers by radicals in its own country.

This obviously doesn’t mean that all fears of Muslims should be disregarded, but some of them are standard victimisation tactic and depict the West as the main responsible for the misfortunes in the Islamic world. What is lacking is the reflection on one’s own actions and views.

Jan Wójcik

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