Unfortunately, we were right again

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Three years ago we have published our instructions on how to  end the migration crisis and we shared them with the Polish government and other politicians. Now the countries of the European Union have adopted similar solutions.

That is:

  • abandoning the idea of mandatory refugee relocation scheme,
  • limiting illlegal migration
  • and creating hot spots on site, where people can apply for asylum in Europe.

On one hand we should be glad that these decisions were made, before another million people reaches the southern banks of Europe through Mediterrean Sea, trying to spread to the North. On the other hand, it is worrying, that it is not an expression of power of the EU, rather the opposite – that the EU is powerless, as these are the only joint actions, the European countries agreed upon after a heated overnight debate. The European Union is divided by the migrant crisis more than at the end of 2015.

Actions, that could potentially limit causes for migration, like: economic growth together with reorganization of governments, lowering the birth rate through for instance longer education for women, creation of rapid action forces that could set up safe areas in case of conflicts or natural diseasters – are not even under debate right now.

‘Any other of your predictions turned out to be right?’ you may ask. Well, our organization (Stowarzyszenie Europa Przyszlosci- Europe of the Future Association) was created in opposition to Turkey’s possible entry to the European Union. We claimed that the fight for democracy there had been merely a cover-up for Islamist take over. We were of the opinion that saying that Turkey is respecting the human rights well enough is premature and will be used within that country. We warned about the tension between Turks and Kurds, and persecution of the latter. And then, a week ago, surprisingly we found out from all the media, that something in Turkey has changed since the elections, that gave Erdogan full power. For us, that was only an effect of a long running process, that was getting deeper and deeper.

We were sceptical about the Arab Spring being the beginning of democracy in the Arab countries. At first we were wrong about Tunisia, but we quickly revised our stand. The other Arab countries did not ‘buy’ elementaries on how to take on democracy, brought to them from Western countries. Especially part of our politicians believed in repeating in the Arab countries the Polish experiences of 1989.

We do not have a magic crystal ball nor a medium in the office and we do not engage in Tarot. Instead we carefully read different reports, quite often presenting interesting conclusions in the summary, that surprisingly do not stem from the content. Such conclusions are usually an expression of the author’s expectations, rather than present what is actually happening.

We encourage you then – stay with us, read english.euroislam.pl and support us, because we not only write but also take specific actions, so that our opinions, analysis and conclusions become active solutions for those in power.



The Polish oryginal: Niestety, znowu mieliśmy rację

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