Facebook Blocks Information About Assault On Polish Woman In Görlitz

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A resident of Zgorzelec, 18-year-old Sandra was attacked in German Görlitz by a person, as she claims, with dark complexion. On her Facebook profile she wanted to describe the case and warn others about the „refugee” attack, but because of that her content was blocked as racist.

Gazeta Wrocławska” describes the incident of February 7, when Sandra and her sister were attacked by a foreigner who had a knife in his hand and that he kicked her with all his might in the chest. Due to the attacker’s mistake, the girls managed to miraculously escape.

The woman did not inform the police about the attack, because she does not believe that it will change anything, but she wanted to warn others and published information about the incident on her social media profile. However, the term „refugee”, which she used in her post, resulted in her account being blocked for 24 hours due to „racist content.”

It is clear that the attacked woman could not know the status of the attacker but her suspicions are in line with other reports by „Gazeta Wrocławska”. In 2016 in the artycle „Fear in Görlitz. 200 incidents involving refugees,” the newspaper reported that the number of incidents involving Syrians, Albanians, Poles and Germans was so great that the mayor Siegfried Deinege advised women not to go out alone in the evenings.

Meanwhile, according to the Polish „Politico” online giants Facebook, Google and Twitter are increasingly better at coping with the hate speech, in which category fell Sandra’s post. This case shows that the boundary between the fight against extremism and the censorship of uncomfortable political content is very thin.

Jan Wójcik

The Polish Original Facebook blokuje informacje o napadzie na Polkę w Gorlitz

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