Help Refugees, Get Raped And Killed By One Of Them

Maria Ladenburger, help refugees
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The rape and murder of 19-year-old German Maria Ladenburger who was trying to help refugees in her town committed by an Afghan refugee could influence German politics as much as the Cologne New Year’s Eve sexual assaults.

Maria Ladenburger, the late freshman medical student was personally involved in the help refugees action in her hometown Freiburg for months. Maria’s father, a lawyer – dr Clemens Ladenburger, is a high rank EU official, involved in immigration policies. On the day of the girl’s funeral it was not yet clear whether the killer was an Afghan. Her family asked for donations for Freiburgu help refugees centers in lieu of flowers.

“The pro-immigrant lobby in Brussels and Germany is so obsessed with their ideals, that they are willing to sacrifice their own kids upon the altar of the Willkommenskultur.” It is only one of thousands of the commentaries posted in German all over the Internet. Social media is brewing up new details related to this appalling case.

After the 2015 Cologne New Year’s Eve sexual assaults, it looks like the killing of Maria Ladenburger can become yet another breaking event in the West German immigrant crisis.

She was just beginning her medical studies at the University of Freiburg. Maria Ladenburger was cycling back home late evening of October 15th from a student party. She did not arrive home – her body was found the next morning by a jogger near the Dreisam creek.

The preliminary postmortem examination indicated that before the murder, Maria Ladenburger was raped. In order to find the perpetrator, the local police immediately appointed an investigation team consisting of 40 people. However, the collected traces of DNA were insufficient to identify the killer. As a side note, the national conservative newspaper “Junge Freiheit” reminded that the German law does not allow DNA analysis to specify the origin of a criminal.

The key evidence, which allowed the apprehension of the suspect, was a black but partially dyed blonde, 20 cm long hair found at the crime scene. Cross-referencing the information with the footage from the local CCTV camera enabled police to catch the criminal.

During a special press conference on Saturday, December 3rd the local police revealed that the perpetrator is an illegal immigrant, a 17-year-old Afghani. Prior to the crime, the minor with black and partially dyed blonde hair was placed with a foster family living close to the scene of the crime.

Independent investigative journalist Oliver Janich revealed on his blog that for the last year the murdered girl was supporting the immigrant initiatives. He noticed, that the intensity of the investigation was uncommon. The police interrogated 1600 people. Samples of DNA were taken from all the men partaking in the students’ party on this ill-fated October evening.

A journalist from FAZ announced that the victim’s close ones privately gave €35,000 reward for the help in identifying the rapist and killer. Independent media have only recently discovered that Maria’s father Dr. Clemens Ladenburger is a high rank official working for the European Commission in Brussels, especially in the field of human rights and Fundamental Rights. It was in Brussels, where the memorial services took place. Unofficially, the President of the European Parliament, a politician of the German party SPD and the author of the famous phrase “Refugees are more valuable to us than gold” – Martin Schulz, took part in the service.

Maria Ladenburger, help refugees
Maria Ladenburger’s Obituary

It is telling, that in the obituary which was placed in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Maria Ladenburger’s relatives asked the participants of the memorial services not to buy flowers but to send the money to the association Weitblick e-V established to help refugees. The bank account number was also disclosed. The organization deals with helping the refugees

The public announcement of the killer’s identity instantaneously triggered an avalanche of comments. Following the reporting standards set for the Cologne New Year’s Eve sexual assaults, the public television stations ARD and ZDF on Saturday evening did not report on the crime in Freiburg. Infuriated with the censorship, internet users flooded the Facebook accounts of the stations with a wave of comments. The editor in chief of the ARD, Kai Gniffke explained later that the station reports only information on social, national, and international issues. In this case, it is not that kind of news. In his opinion, the apprehension of the Afghan murderer is only of the local importance.

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