Immigrants brutally murdered Swedish couple

islam murder sweden immigrant

The murder took place in Hallonbergen in the north part of Stockholm. The woman throat was cut, completely crossing the two carotid arteries. When the police arrived, one of the perpetrators has been straddling her husband and strucking him with a knife.

According to reports, one of the murdered victims was due to testify as a witness in a court hearing regarding another murder, but now they are both dead. The perpetrators were laughing when they were transported to the police station, one of the policemen told the Nyheter Idag newspaper. The police arrived at the scene and were forced to use a weapon to interrupt the killer’s knife tossing of a man lying on the floor. Also a woman with a cut throat was found in the apartment.

This brutally murdered couple were parents of underage children. According to the police sources, murder may be an attempt to prevent testimony in a murder case pending in court, witnessed by one of the deceased. Already an hour after the murder, the police arrested four men aged 21, 20, 16 and 15. A fifteen-year-old was released after interrogation. Prosecutor Olof Calmvik told “the Aftonbladet” newspaper that the interrogation weakened the accusations against him.

When the men were led to the police car, they showed no remorse or even a reaction to what had happened. “They were hyperactive (perhaps under the influence of drugs) and laughed loudly. “Everything breaks in me when I think that they will be released in the two years” said an anonymous policeman.

According to the people interviewed by “the Aftonbladet” reporter , the perpetrators are good friends of two men arrested on a suspicion of murder. A man murdered a week ago had to testify as a witness in their case. The four of them live in northern Stockholm. They are all immigrants. One of them certainly comes from Africa, others probably from the Middle East or North Africa.



The Polish original: Imigranci brutalnie zamordowali szwedzkie małżeństwo

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