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At the beginning, I would like to point out that it is not generally so good with losing of the regressive left.

A regressive left, which justifies (more or less) murders of ex-Islamic apostates, which defends a rapist celebrity Tariq Ramadan because of the fact that he is a recognizable Muslim publicist, which justifies the killing authors of Muhammad cartoons and insists that Islam is the religion of peace. This regressive left which states that every critic of Islam is a fascist is still doing well in the governments of many Western countries, in the dominant mainstream press of these countries, which rules at universities, stirring in the minds of young people and in the courts.

Even if the voters of a given Western country give ever larger red cards for an anti-Nazi and anti-humanist regressive left, politicians from the opposite camp do not know how to pass through the Philo-islamist wall, built in the media, in administration, in courts and at universities. Generally, it does not look good.

Nevertheless, there are countries where the regressive left has not yet come to power and has not been placed in the main structures of power and opinion. In these countries hothead losers of the regressive left are appearing.

What is the activity of those losing hotheads? I will discuss it on the example of the Internet. We co-create the media. From time to time, people belonging to the regressive left (among others, their ideological identity is hidden) appear among the commentators and even journalists. For some time it is usually nice. We discuss, sometimes we agree, sometimes we do not. It’s ok – such differences of opinion are valuable and creative. However, it can be seen that the representatives of the regressive left are gradually becoming more and more unpleasant and aggressive. At some point questions of the rational participants in the debate arise. “Are the articles critical of Islam?”- the rational participants of the debate ask.

At the beginning  there is no clear answer to this question. Some of the regressive leftists pretend that the defense of Islam is not their agenda at all, some say they even criticize Islam, but in a different way (though the smallest critical reference to this dangerous and cruel religion almost makes them crazy). As they reveal their true intentions, the representatives of the regressive left, those who justifies murdering apostates of Islam, use the argument: “Why do you write about Islam, if there is no Islam in Poland?”

There are various rational answers, such as “We do not only deal with Poland”, “Poland is not a lonely island”, “We care about the fate of all Europe and Poland within it” etc. I do not want to develop this topic, but in the media, which are attacked by regressive left members, for their critic of Islam, there is no mentioning of “Only about Poland, only Poles.” Even if it were mentioned, after all, in many Western countries, there were no Muslims and problems with Islam a few years ago. They also did not care about the problems of others with Islam, and when the problem has arisen, it turned out that no one was prepared to deal with this serious threat.



You can say: “Maybe the regressive left has a reason to attack you?” There is no such a reason. The defence of the criticism of Islam is not a call for violence, to sink barges, or for satisfaction when Muslims are hurt. This is only a real criticism, a plea for a peaceful limitation of Islamic migration to the West, until those Muslims who are already in Europe, in the USA or in Canada, will begin to integrate which means they will start to respect human rights equally with a statistical Christian or atheist.

Even those who do not want to limit migration but to arise larger awareness about Islam are becoming victims of the losing hotheads. This allows, however, for more of furious hatred, and even larger desire to destroy polemicists and their media at all costs by the regressive left. They throw critics of Islam into prisons, gag them, impose penalties, remove the possibility of advertising and financing whenever they have a chance. People at universities and in the media lose their jobs due to their right and truthful critique of Islam.

Nevertheless, in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and a few other countries, the regressive left is not in power yet. Therefore, it remains an individual initiative there. Hateful comments on differently thinking people, slandering them and trying to destroy their initiatives on the scale of their own abilities.

Returning to the gradation of regressive behaviors of leftists in critical towards Islam areas of internet, when the argument “this is not a Polish problem” does not work, the ride without a stick starts. The regressive leftist omits other topics and focuses on destroying critics of Islam. It begins with accusing people of being Nazists and fascists. Then they announce everywhere that a given media, that are criticizing, for example, the thesis that Islam is a religion of peace, is shallow and fascist.

When the aggression and hatred of the regressive leftist grows further, they begin to haunt others for contact with the hated author or with a media that has dared to criticize Islam. After some time, they attack everything created by people criticizing Islam, even things not related to Islam itself – scientific, historical and cultural articles.

This criticisms becomes so aggressive and vulgar that it ceases to be bearable to other authors and to not belonging to the regressive leftists readers. Innocent authors and the media are losing their readers, those who respect freedom of speech are ending up removing hateful and personal attacks from comments.

A doubtful consolation is the fact that in parts of the Western World it is even worse. Not only media creators on the web, vloggers and bloggers are being targeted, but also non-Muslim politicians, Islamist critics of Islam (which are often threatened with death by Muslims), university staff and many other professions. The majority of ordinary people are scared to speak openly and critically about Islam anxious that the fury from the regressive left will destroy their lives.

It is hard to tell how to break this vicious circle. But I would like you to present a few wisest and most peaceful proposals under my article. If my description of this phenomenon seems to be exaggerated, read the comments under my other articles, as well as under the articles of Piotr Korgi. Reading them, remember that some of the hates from the regressive left fell into such a frenzy that they were removed along with comments that were not on the subject, but only showed a focused and foaming hatred, full of personal attacks.


Alicja Szaniawska


The original text was published on the liberal webportal, and reprinted on as Internetowi hejterzy na usługach przegrywającej, regresyjnej lewicy

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