As „Islamophobe” I Dare To Demand – Do Not Kill Atheists!

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Warning! This article will be very, very „Islamophobic”. What else would be criticism of Islam, in the form of disagreement to the killing of apostates in 13 Muslim countries (only Muslim!) if not „Islamophobia”?

If I was not an „Islamophobe”, I would either pretend that the problem does not exist or – even more politely – say that murdering of apostates is a part of the culture of „other”, which I do not have the right to criticise in a „racist and Islamophobic” manner.

As an „Islamophobe”, however, I can not help but notice that after every terrorist attack persons who are full of (obviously) love and are not (obviously) Islamophobes believe that the cry of „Allah Akbar!”, uttered by assassins, has nothing to do with Islam, it comes from the tension which, for example, happens to people collecting post stamps, or from the reluctance to pay taxes.

After such a „completely unrelated to Islam” assassination in the name of Islam, after all, many liberal and left-wing media shows that Muslims are protesting with posters saying „Not in my name.” On such occasion, media such as CNN are turning into highly professional Hollywood film-makers who are able to show a dozen or so people as a several thousand crowd.

At the same time, in the light of the „Islamophobic” data from the survey, the vast majority of Muslims admit that they would not denounce to the authorities a person preparing an attack in the name of Islam, although only a few percent of those loving Qur’an, seeing someone preparing the shahid belt, would immediately join in.

As an „Islamophobe” I am of course blind to the fact that only a few percent would get immediately involved in a suicide attack. And not, for example, 60% – 90%, that is the percentage of those who would not betray their brother in the faith planning on something „really big” with involvement of dynamite and other TNTs… Of course, those few percent who want to give their lives in suicide attacks for Islam and majority supporting their actions by not revealing those plans to the police are terrifying statistics.

For some time now a different thought has been revolving in my „neo-Nazi” head. If it is so difficult for Muslims to protest in a sufficiently strong manner against assassinations in the name of their religion, then maybe they will protest against the laws of these 13 Islamic states where apostates are condemned to death and some 40 states, where they can be persecuted in some other way.

If the assassin has nothing to do with them, then maybe they would like to be held responsible for murdering the apostates’ in the name of law. I would like to „Islamophobicly” note that the life of an atheist from Asia and Africa, however, is of some value, and people from countries where their non-believing fellow citizens are condemned to death should not really think that it does not concern them. Let them tell their governments and co-religionists at least „Not in my name”.

Very „Islamophobic” remark , I know, I know… Still, I dare to make it, because I do not see the difference between the murder committed by a terrorist and the murder of an apostate by an executioner supported by many.

alicja szanilewska

Alicja Szaniawska – liberal arts graduate, not shunning away from science. For ten years now a sympathiser of Polish rationalists, she now lives abroad. Currently, as a journalist, she is interested in the defence of freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression and the European identity.

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reprinted on as Jako “islamofobka” ośmielam sie żądać – nie zabijajcie ateistów!

Editor’s note: Indeed, as the author of the commentaries on Polish version of article pointed out, the picture shows the moment when the mother of the murdered Abdolah Hosseinzade slaps her son’s killer at the last moment, saving him from hanging in a symbolic gesture. Nevertheless, the event in the photo (the author is Arash Khamooshi from the Iranian ISNA agency), which we have signed as „illustrative”, does not deny the content of the article in any way.

Editor’s note 2: On the portal one can find some data, attached under the original article, on the statistics of support of Muslims for various forms of extremism.

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