Italian Dream of Moroccan Family from Rimini

Rimini ragazzi islam
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The case of two underage rapists from Rimini is a combination of dysfunctional family with blind generosity and powerlessness of Italian government.

Their parents came to Italy illegally over 20 years ago. Daddy is a thief, he was an often visitor to Italian prisons. A few years ago, they managed to deport him but three years ago he came back – using illegal channels again. For that, he was given a 16-month house arrest sentence, which he serves as we speak.

He is serving his sentence in a council flat, for which the council pays. The council also pays benefits to the whole family of six (apart from the two rapists there is also a younger brother and a sister). The council has been paying for more than ten years now.

Mummy and the kids could not be deported because Italian law does not allow for underage kids born in Italy to be deported – even though they are Moroccan, not Italian. And since the kids cannot be deported, the mother must stay with them.

According to the Italian law, there is a way to solve the problem – parents must agree to the deportation of their kids and three years ago mummy graciously agreed, after the government offered her 20.000 euro and plane tickets to Morocco, but right after that, the dad came back and mummy withdrew from the deal. Probably daddy did the maths and concluded that 20.000 euro isn’t going to last long in Morocco and here, they can live off the state for the rest of their lives.

Taking care of the children isn’t mummy’s only job. She’s also busy harassing her neighbour who is also form Morocco (but has an Italian passport). Together with her sons not only does she threaten and throws insults at her but she also took part in attacking her. Mummy has been served a restraint order but they still lives in the same house, so she can freely keep threatening her neighbour.

Both arrested boys (since it turned out that they are under-age, Italian press no longer calls them „beasts” but „boys” – ragazzini) were regular thieves and drug dealers. The younger one, nearly 15 years old, was extremely aggressive, according to his female immigrant friends.

„All he kept talking about was killing and raping”, he always carried a knife with him, he was first to fight if he didn’t like the look of somebody. Once he threw a bottle at teacher’s head and he knifed another pupil (the pupil did report this but we don’t know what the result was). The girls were pretty sure that he would kill somebody one day.

Because the sons are underage, the family will soon be together again. Underage criminals are usually given lighter sentences – half the penalty that an adult would receive – and just as adult criminals, the underaged leave jail after serving half the sentence. There was a widely covered case of a 17-year-old Gypsy, who killed a local police officer in Milan in January 2012 and walked free after serving 5 years. But the boys didn’t kill anyone so they will probably be back in mummy’s arms in 2 – 3 years’ time.

And they will be free to live off state, steal and assault for many more years to come…

Grzegorz Lindenberg


Polish original: Włoski sen marokańskiej rodziny z Rimini

Translated by Memphis

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