Jerusalem, Islamic Anti-Semitism and Europe

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It is difficult to appraise whether the attitude of European countries towards Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dictated by reason or fear.

Reflecting on the outcome of the Yom Kippur war in 1973 and the oil embargo imposed on the US and Europe by the Arab Petroleum and the fact that the growing Muslim population in Israel shows keen interest in the matters of Palestine, it is reasonable to assume that Europe’s stance is guided by fear.

Despite the criticisms of most European governments towards the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the reaction of Muslims in Europe suggests that again Europe chooses disgrace and fails to see that war is inevitable.

In response to the declaration by president Trump to move the US embassy, Muslims in Europe announced that they would annihilate the Jews. Intifada has been declared in the Swedish city of Malmo, despite Sweden being one of the leading critics of Israel. Many newspapers, however, have silenced this event.

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Germany has taken a better stance thanks to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Thomas de Maiziere, who publicly condemned the burning of Israeli flags and anti-Semitic slogans during a demonstration in Berlin. Demonstrations are being organized in other places including Stuttgart and the Brandenburg Gate.

Hundreds of demonstrators in Vienna also wanted to ‘slaughter the Jews’ while protesting in front of the American embassy.

London has also sounded with the calls to murder the Jews. There, the cries alluded to Khaybar, the Jewish oasis near Medina, and a Jewish tribe murdered there for Mohammed almost 1400 years ago. Such protests have taken place all over Britain; in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, and also in Dublin and Belfast.


Muslim gang rapes in britain

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During a protest in France, which coincided with the visit of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the demonstrators took to the streets to demand freeing of two Palestinian terrorists from an Israeli prison.

All around Europe the calls for violence against the Jews mixed with the calls ‘Allahu Akbar’. Interestingly, however, according to independent sources, Jerusalem itself is not on fire.

It is mistaken to see such protests merely as an act of spontaneous public outrage. They are part of the calculated politics of the Muslims in the West, clearly outlined for the Islamic movement by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the most popular theologist and author of the ’Priorities of the Islamic movement in the coming phase’. He proclaims the main priority as direct influence over the politics of countries in which Muslim minorities reside, aligning it with Islamic interests; one of them being the removal of Israel from the map of the world.

All around Europe the calls for violence against the Jews mixed with the calls ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Some public security analysts claim that ‘The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will serve as an excellent recruitment tool for terrorists’ and see this point as another aspect of the fearful European politics. Despite its merit, such an argument should never find place in international politics. A group of countries cannot get blackmailed by the political violence imposed by unhappy citizens. However, should this happen, perhaps it is better that the part of the Muslim population capable of radicalization shows itself sooner than later. They are likely to find any reason to justify their radicalization anyway; just because the world is unfair.

Apart from this, the reasons for anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims cannot be solely justified by Trump’s tactics, regardless of how one may judge them. Attacks and demonstrations become quite common and the research conducted among the European Jews points clearly to the culprit.


merkel multikulti schaffen

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In a yet unpublished interview by with professor Bassam Tibi, a proponent of ‘European Islam’, he warns against yielding to the anti-Semitism, such commonly spread among the Muslim societies. According to his view, it is a crucial condition for integration.

In the meantime, Europe, at least the official one, does exactly the opposite.


Jan Wójcik

The Polish original: Jerozolima, islamski antysemityzm i Europa

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