Letter to Geert Wilders: “In a few years this will be our country”

Letter to Geert Wilders
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This is a letter to Geert Wilders written by a refugee asylum social worker, which the politican shared on his Twitter. Euroislam.pl received the information and link about it from a Dutch anti-terrorist who co-operates with our portal.



Dear Mr. Wilders,

I will get straight to the point. In this region we have problems that we lost control over completely. I adress you as the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) to bring the subject to the table. I work in a refugeecamp in [name blocked out] in [ name blocked out]. The people that come here are very friendly and humble when they first arrive. After a few days however, one sees the look in their eyes change. It is actually frightening.

One day I decided to take my Moroccan friend along as a volunteer so he too could see how these people behave. Since he speaks Arabic, he can also understand them (which the inhabitants of the camp didn’t know).

It was around three in the afternoon when I had a meeting with my colleagues. My Moroccan friend stayed with the refugees do something together. When I came back from the meeting, he looked at me in full panic. He told me the inhabitants of the camp talked about very strange things. In that half hour he heard the most horrific statements. One person mentioned that he would like to rape one of my colleagues because she is always showing off her breasts. Another one said he is willing to do anything for Allah and thinks the Netherlands is a weak country. The other one then laughed loudly and answered that “all f**king westerners should die. In a few years this will be our country. If not in 2018, then I will do it in 2019”. Yet another one then answered that “we will work on that together, but first we’ll have a good rest in our villa’.

Mr. Wilders, I do this to help people, but this is just a bridge too far. I informed my superiors on this but they do not take my story seriously. I left for my own safety. How, for heaven’s sake, can things have gotten so out of hand with nobody standing up to it? Terrorist attacks are simply being planned in asylumseeker centers like this, Mr. Wilders.

My Morrocan friend went home completely confused. Immediate action should be taken or it will be too late. There are people living here that despise all and everything and would see us rather dead than alive while we are trying to help them.

It would be very much appreciated if you would take this to a debate. I will be at home since I do not feel safe anymore.

Mr. Wilders, I hope you will take this very seriously, as would the house of representatives since I am not being heard or taken seriously in my social environment.

Yours sincerely, [name blocked out]


Translation of the letter to Geert Wilders from Dutch – Mr Sanderson, thank you!

You can also read the Polish version of the letter to Geert Wilders here.

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