London Attack Carries Symbolic Significance

london attack
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London attack shows the anti-Western logic of Islamism.

Muslim fanatics assassinate hitting the heart of European civilization.

In New York, modern liberal and capitalist civilization was attacked, in Paris, those who were using privilege of freedom of speech were murdered, in London, a Muslim terrorist raised a hand on Western democracy.

Muslim terrorists are not just degenerate entities. Although, a clinical psychologist would certainly identify high level of paranoia amongst radicals, their actions are deliberate and planned. Islamic fanatics operate in planned and effective manner. Barbaric acts of violence carry a symbolic significance.

Destruction of the WTC in New York

Before the London attack, terrorists destroyed the WTC which was, in fact, an act of war provoked by Muslim fundamentalists. The attack on the two New York city towers was part of an anti-Western narrative. Without a doubt, New York was an attempt to destroy the new Babylon. In the Jihadist terms, deaths have been inflicted by non-believers, who have sold their lives to the Western debauchery. For the terrorists of Al-Qaeda, demolishing WTC ‘symbolized everything that the holy warriors hated the most – The City of Man. The City of Man is a space in which temporal values such as happiness, pleasure and economic security are considered. For the fundamentalists, New York is a modern Western civilization in a nutshell.

Terrorist attacks on the symbols of the West are the most degenerate expression of contempt for the values of Western civilization, also shared by proponents of the introduction of Qur’anic order.’

Killing journalists in Paris

For writers struggling with the spectre of communism, Paris became a symbol of the free world. Not coincidentally, Gustaw Herling-Grudzinski in the ‘Other World’ treated the fall of the French capital as a symbol of victory of fascism over the European spirit. Today, after the attack on the freedom of speech (‘Charlie Hebdo’ editorial board), Western entertainment (Bataclan concert hall), and the European cultural heritage (assassination attempt in Louvre), Paris becomes a battle place for Muslim fundamentalism, secularism and Western humanist values.

London attack against democracy

The fact that many Muslims despise European democracy is known for a long time. There are studies that indicate that a significant number of Muslims, instead of paying respect to democracy, dream of replacing democracy with the Qur’anic law. Attempts to relativize this political intention, and to compare Sharia with the Canon law or Halakha (Jewish law), seem to be ineffective. Undoubtedly, Sharia law, in its doctrine and everyday practice, clearly stands in contradiction with democracy, which is understood as a system based on freedom, which also protects this freedom. London attack at the parliament is an attempt to undermine the weakness of the idea of secular parliamentarism. The ultimate expression of contempt for the oldest European modern democracy.

The most dangerous, however, is that the terrorist attacks on the most important symbols of the West can be considered as the most degenerate expression of contempt for the values of Western civilization – freedom of speech, economic independence, and finally democracy. The contempt, not only expressed by Muslim terrorists, but also those who would prefer that these values are given over to Qur’anic order.


Piotr Ślusarczyk

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