Marching Saturday

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The previous weekend passed in a march tempo.

Homosexuals marched in the whole Europe for their rights, women in Germany for freedom, rightists in Great Britain for Tommy Robinson’s freedom, and Muslims for getting rid of Jews from Jerusalem and Israel.

Quite a confusing mix, but not because of the cacophony, typical for freedom of speech. While in the UK Robinson’s supporters demanded his release, Polish far-right organisations didn’t show much of a solidarity, despite the fact, that EDL’s former leader showed them in a very good light, against the mainstream media.

On the other hand, Polish right wing was disturbed by the homosexuals’ march, and they kept whining about it online.

That’s a significant difference between Poland and the West, where anti Islamist representatives sympathise with homosexuals (In EDL there used to be a “gay division”) convincing them, that Muslims and their homophobic attitude are the serious threat for their freedom, and life even.

In the parade fighting for homosexual rights, probably, and among the organizers, for sure, were people satisfied that extreme rightist activist Tommy Robinson got imprisoned. Probably more would also find solidarity for Muslims fighting in Germany for Al Quds, than for women expressing dissatisfaction with the violence in this country growing against them, because they are turning against the “excluded” Muslim immigrants. Would they find support from our rightists? Of course not, because they are angry feminists, after all. But surely the nationalists would feel more sympathy for the Muslims beating the Jews, especially in the light of the current dispute between Poland and Israel.

The media reaction was also interesting. In Germany, a women’s march organized by AfD was called a right-wing and an Islamophobic march, because women began to talk about the violence of Muslim immigrants and state failures in ensuring their safety. Rejecting concern for their safety, the German media were more concerned about the rights of homosexuals in Poland.

German media went full cliche – both German marches against Jews and migrants, called “hatred marches”. The outcome was rather pathetic, concerning the fact that during the women’s march there was a speech given by Orit Arfa, the granddaughter of a Jew saved from the Holocaust, who claims that Jews are being harassed by Muslims both in Israel and Europe. She asked a fair question “ Why does chancellor Merkel let so many anti-Semites into her country?” At the same time the left-wing demonstrations most certainly would support the idea of wiping Israel from the map, rather than the issue of safety of women in their own country.

The same British media, that went full silent about an imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, produced large headlines on Friday, that a march of his supporters has been cancelled, due to police’s objections. But one need to read a text it self to find out that the article is about much smaller demo in Newcastle, not the main protest in London.

So what does this circus show?

That our far-right parties look pathetic. They are not interested in freedom, but they simply don’t want Jews, Muslims, feminists and gays. End of the story.

While in the West, the so-called extreme rightist activists want a right of free speech, safety and equality for women, are in opposition to anti-Semitism, and rights of people with different sexuality are not being questioned. The concerns about migrants and political correctness, are not driven by a xenophobia, but by a fear of erosion of basic human rights.

And what but our leftists? Well, they are as modern as their Western colleagues. They don’t want to see the problem in a different attitude regarding these freedoms, presented by those widely welcomed migrants.


Jan Wójcik


The Polish original: Sobota w rytmie marszów

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