Mogherini and the Fall of Europe

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Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy has established for herself a place in the European history. If there are ever studies on the fall of Europe, her speech at “Call to Europe V: Islam in Europe” conference will be at core of its curriculum.


Future students will find there an example of a reckless politician, who can promise in one speech, almost in one breath, more jobs and more immigrants. In order to counter radicalization of young Muslims Mogherini demands that EU states will cut down unemployment rates and on the other hand to show self-confidence, pride and strengths of the European project, she wants to open borders for inflow of immigrants. The connection between size of workforce, labor demand and unemployment was not an issue at all.


Mogherini demands more and more diversity. Her concept of European diversity is open for political Islam, that is against diversity at all. On the other hand it is closed for those who, in order to save freedom and diversity, criticize political Islam. They, claims Mogherini , do not “have a clue what Europe and the European identity are”.


According to her lessons of history, European Union was built after World War II with diversity as its core and “mind-set based on blocs” is not part of it. I do not know what do they teach in schools in Italy, but the basic idea for European Union was to avoid another war between France and Germany, then it was followed by years of competition of Soviet and Western blocs. And EU is still a bloc, because has its requirements, values and culture that is not just accepting any country that wishes to join.


Considering political Islam Mogherini contradicts herself even more than when talking about unemployment, and consequences of her views could be tragic. Political Islam wants to establish states based on Sharia, religious law that is against diversity, that discriminates against other beliefs, women and sexual minorities in a way far beyond any discrimination Muslims can experience in Europe. But for Mogherini political Islam should be “part of the picture”, “part of the process”.


What important is for her that process should be democratic. But can undemocratic forces participate in democratic process without the risk for the process itself? We know from history of the rise of fascism in Germany, that such risk is too big. Mogherini knows that “society can be stable and safe only when it is democratic” – and then she wants participation of undemocratic political Islam. Clever.


Another magic incantation of hers is inclusiveness. Inclusiveness in the Middle East for all – Muslim, Christian, Jew, non-believer, Sunni, Shia, Arab and Kurd. Impressive, but how it can be achieved? What is she going to do to make it possible? No hints from Mogherini. But we can do more for inclusiveness in Europe, says EU representative.


We can push all the member states to take more migrants. Here diversity of opinions is not welcomed. “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” according to Henry Ford.


She does not forget a traditional part of speech of any coward politician stating that Islamic State is a “modern movement, reinterpreting religion in an innovative radical way”. What is innovative in killing unbelievers? Prophet Muhammad did so.

What is innovative in ”marrying” captive women? That is premised in Quran (4:24). Some say ISIS is more brutal but not far different from Saudi Arabia with its barbaric penalties. But in certain way ISIS is also part of political Islam, with the same final goal as those who are seen by Mogherini as “part of the process” inside EU.


So, to summarize: Mogherini wants to have diversity in EU but in EU where all the states will not differ on their politics. She wants to limit unemployment by importing new immigrants. She want us to believe that when ISIS is doing the same things that Prophet Muhammad preached and did, it has nothing to do with Islam. Finally she wants undemocratic forces to have place in democratic process in order to make democracy more stable.


One should not be surprised that she will be given a prominent place in the “Fall of the Europe” field of studies. If, after heeding her advices, there will be enough academic freedom left to study such subversive topics.


By Jan Wójcik, Chief Editor

Text published 24 July 2015 on Europe News

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