Polish Left and the EU Say About Immigration What Euroislam.pl Had Said Two Years Ago

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Earlier this week the European Parliament wrote on the necessity of keeping immigrants outside the EU. Now the guru of the Polish Left Slawomir Sierakowski supports the position of Euroislam.pl held two years ago.

Is Sierakowski, the guru of the Polish left, an Islamophobe?

In an article in Polityka magazine written by Mr. Sierakowski, we read a critique of the European left. “Instead of asking people to open up, the left should dare to admit that Islam is problematic and at the same time indicate that it disapproves random deportations. We cannot accept anymore immigrants,” he writes.

Less than a year and a half ago, I appeared in a televised debate on “Bez Retuszu” with Mr. Sierakowski. He attempted to convince us that Germany is acting in the best interests of its economy when opening its borders to immigrants.

Today, mass immigration brings political unpopularity to the proponents of uncontrolled open borders. The potential increase in immigration together with ongoing problems in the Muslim community changes one’s mind.

Is dripping water finally hollowing out a stone?

Do the European parliament and Euroislam.pl think alike?

The chairman of the European parliament Antonio Tajani warned against the invasion of immigrants in Europe and called on the EU to undertake immediate preventive actions.

“Either we act now or in the next 20 years Europe will be flooded with millions of Africans,” says Tajani in an interview for the German media. The chairman of the European parliament wants to create well-equipped temporary camps in Libya where immigrants could stay months or even years. Just like dr Grzegorz Lindenberg from euroislam.pl, today he also calls for an African Marshall Plan that would aim at improving education, business and agriculture.

The statistics he provided regarding the increasing numbers of immigrants was confirmed by the director of Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri.

These are the same conclusions and propositions that Euroislam.pl suggested at the beginning of the migrant crisis. Probably, the uncontrolled acceptance of over a million immigrants sobered politicians up.

In 2015 Euroislam.pl wrote this in an open letter to politicians and journalists

“The solutions of relocating immigrants, proposed by European politicians, are temporary. It doesn’t solve the problem but creates a new one. According to demographic predictions, in a few years Europe will not be able to accept any immigrants. It would be too big of a burden.”

To justify our opinion, we presented our case:

“Demographic prognosis regarding Africa and Middle East indicated a dramatic increase of the population. In the Sub-Saharan Africa, the North Africa and the Middle East we will see an increase of the population by 1.3 billion in the next 35 years.”

We looked at the current solutions and concluded that:

“The long-term solution of the migrant crisis from Africa and the Middle East is not accepting them in the European Union. To do so would create a long-term problem in Europe”.

What should be done?

“Like in Australia, a partial solution of the problem could be creating a places south of the Mediterranean Sea where asylum applications would be processed. This would minimize the necessities of dangerous sailing across the sea and decreases the number of illegal immigrants.

The third reason why the boats have to be turned around is demographics. (…) The increasing wae will not become smaller. In this world, four billion people live three times poorer than in the EU. Will we find a place for everybody? If we don’t want to be cruel egoists, we have to start thinking about pragmatic ways of economic help for the poorer countries.”

It is nice that such ideas are now being considered, even if at the early stage they were labeled xenophobic and racist.


Jan Wójcik

See the full letter (Polish) here

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