Polish Opposition Also Against Taking Refugees

PO against relocation of refugees
TV poll on taking refugees: 73%against, 23% for
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Grzegorz Schetyna, who has been the leader of the Civic Platform (PO) and the leader of the opposition since January 2016, when asked about his position in this case by the interviewer in the Polish public TV (TVP) responded that he is strongly against inviting refugees to Poland and added that it is the official statement of his party.

Asked by TVP Info reporter about his take on immigration Mr. Schetyna answered: ‘ I do not want refugees in our country”. The interviewer inquired whether he was representing the position of the whole party,to which the politician confirmed: ‘ Yes, Civic Platform is against having refugees on the Polish territory.’

In 2015 on the peak of the ‘immigration crisis’ PO loudly and firmly supported the relocation quotas given by the European Union. The project got a support from most of the MPs from Civic Platform party.

Donald Tusk (the leader of the party before moving to Brussels), openly pointed out the reasons for that kind of support, emphasizing the alliance in the Europen Union countries.

Since the very beginning Europe of the Future Association, publisher of Euroislam.pl, tried to convince Civic Platform  to change their approach towards the refugees. They warned the party that such a position on this case can jeopardise their results in the elections.


Jan Wójcik

Polish original PO przeciwko przyjmowaniu uchodźców

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