Polish scientist, accomplice of Turkish Islamists SETA

accomplice of Turkish Islamists SETA
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Analyzing errors and manipulations that dr Konrad Pędziwiatr uses to defame us in the „European Islamophobia Report”,

we also looked into who his paymasters are. It turns out that a Polish scientist is an accomplice of Turkish Islamists from SETA.

Our investigation revealed that de Pedziwiatr’s employer is SETA think tank established by Turkish Islamists, whose core principle activity is to support the AKP government through analysis but also to justify actions of President Erdogan, seeking Islamist dictatorship.

Siyaset, Ekonomi ve Toplum Araştırmaları Vakfı (SETA) is a Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research which was founded in 2006, at the time of solidifying the power of Party of Justice and Development (AKP). Although it presents itself as independent organisation it is widely considered to be a think tank for the party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan due to close ties with the government, as well as due to numerous panels and reports that legitimise the actions of Turkish Islamists.

SETA’s founder and director until 2009 was the Islamic theologian Ibrahim Kalın, currently Secretary General of President Erdogan.

Currently, the think tank’s executive is Burhanettin Duran, known for his work on the transformation of the of political Islam in Turkey under AKP rule. His articles often appear in the pro-government Turkish newspaper „Sabah”. Distribution of the English version of „Sabah” – „Daily Sabah” was blocked in the European Parliament by the President of EP because of „spreading hatred”.

Narrative of European Islamophobia strenghtens Islamist electorate of the President of Turkey which would help AKP in concentrating presidential power of Erdogan.

Burhanettin Duran writes in his works about change of strategy by the Islamists from AKP in their approach to Europe – out of the negotiation process they have made a useful strategy to weaken secular rule and to re-islamise Turkey. They now believe that „Islamic identity is so strong that Europe can not assimilate it”.

Recently Duran defended President Erdogan’s remarks on fascist Eupeans, during the growing diplomatic tension linked to the blockade of the pro-islamic campaign of Turkish politicians in the Netherlands.

Duran is also involved in promoting of sharia law and has left his job at the University of Sehir, Istanbul in protest against a new rector who defended the univerity’s right to refrain from women in shawls and to oppose sharia.

SETA supports the AKP by providing government opinion polls on the basis of which the government makes decisions but also by persuading to government policy. The report on the failed putsch of July 15, 2016, prepared by SETA, called this day a triumph of democracy, because the legitimately formed government was defended against the conspiracy.

Today it is clear that Erdogan has been the biggest beneficiary of the coup, consolidating power and performing purges. As a result of the coup 125,000 employees of the army, services and administration have been dismissed, 40,000 arrested, dozens of people killed and there is more and more information about torture.

According to the authors of the SETA report on the coup, in line with the view of authorities, the responsibility for the coup was on Fetullah Gülen, but information from the US, German and British services do not confirm the contribution of Gülen in the conspiracy. However, Erdogan’s secretary, Ibrahim Kalin, demanded extradition of Gülen, suggesting that suspicions of the US involvement in the coup may appear.

SETA has also stressed in the reports the negative role of the Western media in Erdogan’s efforts to introduce autocratic rule.

SETA also supports AKP against the Kurds. Although in 2012 the think-tank demanded that the Kurds in Syria take a decisive role in overthrowing of Assad, at the end of 2016 the SETA branch in Washington organised a conference to convince President Elect Donald Trump and the newly formed US administration that the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) is a threat to Turkey’s security and the terrorist organisation, like the PKK.

At the same they would defend Turkey’s actions in the Syrian theatre of war, presented as anti-terrorist but aimed rather at the Kurdish minority than at the Islamic State. Change in the Turkish approach to the conflict in Syria is not surprising if it is remembered that by 2014 the Kurds were the support base of the AKP, which made dialogue with them, and they became its opponents only when they largely cast their votes on the Kurdish party HDP which has not entered into coalition with the Islamists.

SETA also came to the rescue of the Turkish government when it once again was placed in the „lead” of ranking of the Freedom of Press taking 151st and 180th, at the same time Turkey kept in prisons more journalists than any other country. Also in this case the pro-government „independent” institution has published a report in which it states that such assessment only serves the political purposes of Turkey’s enemies and that greatest restrictions on freedom of the press do not come from the political circles but from non-political sources, whose plotting is difficult to prove because of their „cynical and difficult to counter nature”.

The latest report on Islamophobia whose Polish part has been written by dr Konrad Pędziwiatr is also another tool of Turkish foreign and internal policy. The sense of persecution and dislike towards Muslims is intended to strengthen the Islamist identity and support for the parties representing Islam, mainly for the AKP.

Such a narrative will certainly be useful during the Turkish constitutional referendum, which is expected by the Turkish Islamists to give even more power to the President Erdogan.


Jan Wójcik

The Polish original Polski naukowiec, wspólnik tureckich islamistów

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