Political Correctness In Service of Terrorism

political correctness in service of terrorism
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Political correctness gives Muslim terrorists freedom while paralysing our societies and making the West defenceless.

The attacks in Spain, knife attack in Finland, unexplained “incident” in Germany – and all that just within 2 days. Violence caused by jihadi ideology continues. Belgian and French citizens are also fearing for their safety. To be honest, there isn’t a country in Europe where people can feel safe.

How is this possible that after 9/11 the Western world is not able to identify the enemy and talk about danger when looking at facts?

It’s because in Europe and North America, along with the rise of Islamic terrorism, a whole propaganda apparatus was created, aiming at convincing people – from Warsaw to Washington – that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. It’s enough to mention reports on attacks in New York – subsequent versions were being edited, any statements that could link Islam to the attacks, were gradually being deleted.

The anatomy of political correctness

The communication strategy as reaction to the attacks is based of few main pillars:

1.Cover up, and if not possible, do not emphasise the attacker’s religion repeating the slogan – “terrorism has no religion”

2. Ignoring with silence or denying the existence of elements in the Islamic doctrine which justify violence against infidels – “Islam is a religion of peace”, “jihad is a fight for a beautiful soul”.

3. Shift the topic of public debate from the threat posed by Muslim terrorists to the alleged increase of “Islamophobia”

4. Keep ensuring the public about the value of a multicultural society.

5. Discredit all who talk about religious foundations for Islamic terrorism

6. Inspire and promote protests organised by Muslims against terrorism while avoiding speaking about the support for terrorism within this group.

7. Limit information about the victims of attacks. It’s better if they stay anonymous. No heart breaking human stories, nothing about orphaned children, or about traumas the survivors go through.
8. Diminish the significance of terror attacks – “more people die in road accidents”

9. Trying to justify terrorism – “poverty, prejudice, mental disorders are the true causes of terrorism”.

10. Quoting politicians who on one hand don’t want to admit that the Islamic terrorism exist, on the other hand they keep asserting that they can defeat it.

PC politicians are not telling the truth

Politically correct politicians repeat that Islam is a peaceful religion and that radical groups are only a small fraction among all the followers of Allah, or – in more extreme version – have nothing to do with Islam.

Rachel Raza – a Muslim woman who, for nearly 20 years now, has been fighting Muslim fundamentalists, reminds us about statements about Muslims, made by Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama

Hilary Clinton claims that Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing to do with terrorism. September 10, 2014 at a press conference in White House, Barack Obama stated that: “Al-Qaeda is not Islam, Islamic State is not Islamic.” In an interview for CNN he said – to prove his statements – that the majority of Muslims reject the radical interpretation.

“We should side with 99,99% of Muslims who want the same thing we do” he added. The interviewer was Fareed Zakaria who was nodding all the time as the president was clearly lying. September 29, 2016, CNN viewers again heard similar statements. Mother of a soldier who died fighting terrorists asked Barack Obama why he doesn’t call terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims, Islamic. He said he doesn’t want to talk about Islamic terrorism. “I don’t want to link these murderers to religion. There are millions of peaceful, responsible Muslims from all over the world who are part of United Stats”. He also added that Muslims work as firefighters, police officers and teachers and they are “neighbours and friends”.

By negating the existence of Islam driven terrorism, the president of the USA is negating the facts. Today, the experts dealing with security matters all agree that there IS something like Islamic terrorism. Hard data clearly prove that nowadays the majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by jihadi Muslims.

In 2014, minimum 85% of attackers were following Islamic ideology. In 2013 there were 12,000 attacks which resulted in 18,000 people dead. 60% of the attacks happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria. 82% of the terrorists were driven to violence by Islamic ideology. The terrorists were killing those they deemed infidels – people following different religion, apostates or followers of the “wrong” line of Islam.

Concealing these facts and preserving the myth that terrorism is not linked to Islam, makes Western societies defenceless. The trend of not disclosing motives behind the attacks paves path for further attacks and paralyses defence force. It’s not possible to effectively deal with the acts of terror without identifying it’s causes at the same time.

Paralysing fear

2nd December 2015, in San Bernardino, Florida, a jihadi couple with links to Islamic State, killed 14 people. Their flat looked like an armoury. The police found explosives and professional navigation equipment. Didn’t the neighbours spot anything suspicious? Of course, they did. Some things Sayed Rizwan Farook and his wife were doing seemed suspicious to the neighbours however, nothing was reported to the police because they were afraid of being accused of…racism. In this case, political correctness killed and harmed tens of innocent people.

Piotr Ślusarczyk, PhD

Polish original: Poprawność polityczna w służbie terroryzmu

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