Regressive Left and Their Car Argument Justifying Jihad

regressive left
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I decided to respond more broadly to an argument used by the regressive left when it comes to Muslims ramming cars into people. An argument which always surfaces when an Islamic terrorist runs over pedestrians with a truck, in the name of their faith.


Terrorism with the use of motorized vehicles is particularly dangerous since every European city has a lot of cars proportionally to its population, making this “murderous weapon” widely available.

With each Islamic attack with the use of cars, the regressive left propagates the claim that nothing of significance has actually happened because, statistically, every year, more people die in car accidents then from the terror attacks. Similarly, drunk driving is as lethal as the terrorists plowing into the innocent crowds.

In order to defend the religion of Islam, the regressive left blurs the lines between a premeditated murder and an incident resulting in a manslaughter (a drunk driver does not drink to subsequently kill dozens of people).

Following this kind of logic one could imagine a situation where a would-be terrorist with a nuclear device gets caught and let go without punishment because a lot of people would die from old age in Europe anyway. Adhering to the reasoning of the regressive left, even releasing the terrorists makes sense since people will die nonetheless. So what’s the problem?

Through its arguments, the regressive left seems to be pushing an idea that people who shout “Allahu Akbar” while committing a murder should be getting a better, preferential treatment to other killers.

There is a surrealistic scene in one of Bunuel’s movies where a man, after shooting and killing many passerby from a tall building, gets caught and brought to stand trial which acquits him and sets him free. As he leaves the court building he gets cheers and pats on the back from people standing around and some gathered journalists are willing to chat with him gleefully. I always thought this scene to be simply surrealistic and completely absurd.

It seems that in today’s world, however, a situation like the above is becoming less absurd. If there were a shooter, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and firing to people from a tall building, I bet the islamofiles from the regressive left would be willing to say that he is not doing anything wrong and we should not prosecute him. In the end, how many people in Europe die of cancer every year?! And the shooter had maybe killed only a few dozens! That’s nothing in comparison, and maybe we should let him go and also pat him on the back.

We probably shouldn’t even confiscate his weapon, just as we don’t confiscate pontoon boats of human smugglers operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Through its arguments, the regressive left seems to be pushing an idea that people who shout “Allahu Akbar” while committing a murder should be getting a better, preferential treatment to other killers. Following this thought, it shouldn’t also be permitted to look for a common denominator that links the yelling of “Allahu Akbar” with homicide.

I find it very interesting that the regressive left sees nothing wrong in calling foul when it comes to many other groups i.e. “It’s the far right’s fault”, “soccer fans’ fault”, “the capitalists fault”, “USA’s fault”. Only when one does not scream “Allahu Akbar” while committing a crime, it is conceivable to analyze the root causes of that pathological phenomenon. Only then it is possible to call out and scrutinize the crime groups or violent gangs who are the culprits.

I myself am not sure what causes the regressive left to have such disrupted perception. Whether it is intentional or comes from a simple ignorance combined with some brainless activity as part of a bandwagon approach in society. To emphasize, the regressive left has no problem grouping and identifying the globalists, mohers [Polish conservative, Catholic radio enthusiasts], racists, soccer fans, PiS supporters [Polish conservative governing party], imperialists, Catholics, etc. – these groups are treated as separate entities and people in them are judged as a whole.

Nevertheless, the regressive left seems to see no risk in the group that shouts “Allahu Akbar”.




Alicja Szaniawska – a humanist by education, although not shying away from sciences. Since 10 years an enthusiast of Polish rationalists. She currently lives abroad. As a publicists she is interested in defending freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression and European identity.



The Polish Original: Regresywna lewica i jej argument z samochodów usprawiedliwiający dżihad.





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