The aim of the Europa Przyszłości (Europe of the Future) association is halting development of Islamism in Europe, in particular in Poland.

We reckon, similarly to Bassam Tibi, a Muslim scholar and the professor of international relations, that Islamism, alongside its „moderate” branch attempting to act through institutions, is the movement of totalitarian nature and one hostile to democracy. Any ideas connected with introduction of sharia as the national law or sharia functioning in parallel, without consideration of method or time of introduction, we treat as a danger.

Similarly we treat the proclamation by Islamists of ideas affecting the basis of modern liberal democracy such as the right to freedom of expression, secularisation, gender equality, freedom of religion and the right to change it.

We support the freedom to practice religion of Islam by Muslims as long as it does not violate the aforementioned principles. On the other hand we believe that Islam may be subject to open criticism in the same way as ideas of other religions are being contested.

Our criticism of Islamism derives not from the position of of identity protection or competition of one religion against another but from liberal position.

According to analysis carried out by Danish sociologists Jens-Martina Eriksen i Frederik Stjernfeltjest it is „a critique of the political movement in contravention of an open society and the basic principles of democracy. This criticism is not aimed explicitly at Islam but rather focuses on ideological, political and social barriers that cut individuals from their rights.”

We are open to cooperation with the movements derived from other ideological attitudes if they are not incompatible with an open society, democracy and human rights.