Sweden: You ridicule Sharia? You will be reported to the police

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Jan Sjunnesson, a Swedish journalist and human rights activist, member of the Swedish Democrats party, was questioned by the police for hate speech.

The reason was publishing fictional, satirical book covers on Facebook a week earlier, ridiculing Islamic sharia law.

According to Sjunesson, who is not the author of the controversial drawings, the pictures were to be a satire on children’s books published last year in Sweden, one of which was entitled “Grandfather Has Four Wives”.


According to the former editor of the magazine “Samtiden” (issued by the Swedish Democrats), the biggest problem in Sweden today is the lack of freedom of speech, which does not only concern the official media, but increasingly begins to limit the possibility of expression of ordinary citizens.

Sjunesson suspects that he was reported to the police by the leftist group operating in the Internet, Näthatsgranskaren, searching for instances of “hate speech” and other statements inconsistent with the current line of political correctness. In his opinion, this organization is responsible for the recent increase in the accusations of “hate crimes”.


Näthatsgranskaren was founded by a former police officer, Tomas Åberg, and its activity seems not to be completely uncontroversial. Even Åberg once admitted in public that most people reported for hate speech are elderly women, which caused some concern in Swedish society. The case of a 65-year-old who was denounced by the group, and who told about repeated harassment and humiliation by the police during the investigation, received a great deal of publicity.

Jan Sjunnesson stated that although the proceedings against him were officially closed by the police on the day of the interrogation, he was afraid that the whole matter was aimed not at putting him to justice, but ridiculing him and attacking his good name.

In his opinion, this may be a deliberate tactic of intimidation and restriction of freedom of speech, because a police interrogation may effectively spoil someone’s reputation and be a good means of silencing potential rebels.


Natalia Osten-Sacken from Uppsala


The Polish original: Szwecja: wyśmiewasz szariat, doniosą na ciebie policji

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