Terrorists Trained In Pretending Refugees

refugees and terrorists
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ISIS still smuggles their people to Europe. Since last year, those coming to Germany, together with a wave of illegal immigrants, are trained how to effectively apply for asylum.


Daily ‘Die Welt’, on the occasion of the first anniversary of terrorist attacks in Paris, revealed information from the German intelligence agency (Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND). It was established that a constructor of the bombs detonated in Paris arrived in Germany in October last year, trailing through Balkans and Austria. A French bomber, Saleh Abdeslam, allegedly picked up the bomb builder and another two men from the hotel in Ulm, in the southern Germany. To this day whereabouts of the constructor of the bombs used in November last year in France remain unknown.

According to findings by national services, the whole group of nine Persian bombers arrived in Europe claiming to be refugees. On this occasion, BND warned that the risk of terrorists’ further penetrating Europe has not diminished. As recently as this October, it was revealed that ISIS is continuously preparing their people to use them as potential bombers. Those who carry out attacks in Europe are professionally trained how to speak with border guards as well as officers who process asylum cases. This implies that ISIS obtains very precise information, for example on the type of questions asked to the asylum seekers by police and migration officers. Militants sent to Europe as refugees have already been trained by terrorists in Syria to avoid arousing any suspicions.


AEW from Cologne

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