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The British court, in en expedited trial on Friday, sentenced Tommy Robinson, a journalist and activist, to thirteen months in prison.

The reason for the conviction, as “The Independent” informs, was alleged breach of peace and incitement in regards to the “illegal” reporting done by Tommy Robinson on the trial proceedings of a gang of Pakistani rapists. Paradoxically, now the British justice system, with its censorship of the press and speedy trials, is reminiscent of Soviet practices – “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

Bureaucracy or freedom of speech?

Tommy Robinson is a founder and former activist of the English Defense League. Currently, he is a civil journalist running an independent information service. His reporting is often focused on Muslim grooming gangs and their victims who are frequently left without any help.
This time, the direct reason for Robinson’s conviction was the trial of grooming gangs in Leeds. The court has established a gag order prohibiting spread of any information concerning the trial. Robinson – despite being on parole for committing a similar act – broke the ban and attempted to report on the proceedings.
The law applied by the courts is specific to the British system because it allows to ban uncovering any records about the process even when they are true. In this situation, it is hard to resist the impression that the authorities are trying to close the mouth of an active citizen who, by breaking the taboo of political correctness is, on one hand, on the side of the raped and humiliated women, and on the other, a challenge for the British political scene due to the growing skepticism towards the British model of multiculturalism.
Between 2015 and 2017, there were as many as four trials against the grooming gangs only in Newcastle. The press could not report on three trials out of the four because of the court orders.
The judge issuing the verdict argued that the prohibition of information about the trial resulted from concern for a fair trial and the need to avoid pressure from citizens appalled by the case. From a legal point of view, the judge can make such a decision. When confronted with hard facts, however, it appears that it is simply an attempt by the judge to shut the mouth of a journalist and activist when he informs the public about the mass rapes carried out by immigrants from Pakistan.
Robinson’s real “crime” is his rejection of political correctness. It is necessary to add that the court’s gag orders in processes of rapists “with an immigrant background” are almost a rule in the British judiciary.

Tommy’s Catch 22

Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed in the past several times. The reasons were varied. One time Tommy appeared in the police file for bypassing the ban on leaving the country by using his cousin’s passport, another time he got convicted for violating mortgage regulations, and on another occasion he got punished for avoiding to pay a sale’s tax for an online auction. The last case is especially suspicious. It raises doubts on the practices of the  justice system and its impartiality. The system does not come as overzealous in regards to all the rest of the UK citizens who regularly participate in “no tax” auction services and who don’t face any consequences. Similar offenses are committed in England hundreds of thousand times every year.
Tommy Robinson can not count on the mercy of the British bureaucrats. His story shows that the prison authorities have turned a blind eye on the violence committed against him by Muslim inmates. Now it is only to be hoped that Tommy Robinson will not end up like another Briton sentenced to prison for throwing bacon at a mosque. His body was later found in his cell and the investigation concluded that he died from an overdose.
One can add the latest Twitter’s decision to permanently block Tommy Robinson’s accounts to the list of harassments against him. Even my interview with Robinson was banned from YouTube (the British version), although there was not one sentence in it that could be read as a violation of the rules of social coexistence.

Piotr Ślusarczyk interviews Tommy Robinson (2017), English with Polish subtitles

Shame on Great Britain

When it comes to Tommy Robinson, the justice system operates in an extra express mode. Last time Tommy Robinson was arrested, he was taken into custody at 4:30AM from his family home. The arrest was carried out by the eager police in front of his wife and two children and he was apprehended as the most dangerous criminal. On the other hand, if one takes a look at the practices of the justice system in cases of Islamic fundamentalists, let alone the Pakistani pedophile gangs, then the same justice system takes its time and acts extremely cautious.
The crime statistics in these cases are absolutely shocking. Between 2015 and 2017, there were as many as four trials against the grooming gangs only in Newcastle. The press could not report on three trials out of the four because of the court orders. There were about 700 girls victimized in that region. Around 2,000 in Rotherham, 370 in Oxford, and 47 in Rochdale. These calculations come from years between 2012 and 2017. The scale and brutality of crimes is striking. The worst part is that the fate of the girls who were repeatedly raped, forced into prostitution and plied with drugs could have been different had the police, the courts and the social workers rejected political correctness and their fear of being perceived as racists, and had they defended and protected the defenseless teenage girls. Having gone through hell and being left without council, they have little chance today of a successful life.
Those who should be facing accusations today are police officers, social workers, taxi drivers, doctors and imams who, by giving up or through their passive consent and often complicity, through their failure to perform their duty, they allowed this abuse of thousands of British girls to continue for a very long time. Those people hide today behind the veil of silence, and the one who has the courage to talk about it is in jail.

Support Tommy Robinson 

According to the information provided by independent media, we will be able to get the details of the case on Tuesday, when Tommy Robinson meets with his defense attorney. Meanwhile, the activist’s supporters have sent a petition to Prime Minister Theresa May asking for his release from prison. They have also asked for financial support of Tommy Robinson.
Information provided in this article is unofficial, because the British media is banned from writing about the case. It is transmitted, however, by a community focused on social media and independent information channels from the United States and Canada.
Piotr Sebastian Ślusarczyk
The Polish original: Czy to UK, czy ZSRR?

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