Tommy Robinson: Why a man with a phone was arrested…?

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Concerning the imprisonment of Tommy Robbinson it is not vital where he was and if he had the right to film in front of the courthouse. It is crucial to understand the context of the events.

The cases that Robinson has publicized are not an issue of a single rape or a single crime, but illustrate the failure of the UK justice system. Starting from pursuing criminals and ending up on prosecuting them.

Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale, Telford, Leeds, Birmingham, Norwich, Burnley, High Wycombe, Peterborough, Middlesbrough, Halifax, Newcastle, Bristol, Dewsbury i Leicester. These counties have been the area of activity of tormentors and rapists gangs. Consisted of 84% of Pakistani Muslims as demonstrated by the report of the British think-tank Quilliam Foundation.

In turn, their victims were mainly white girls from the so-called social lowlands, for which nobody will reprimand. As Maajid Nawaz, head of the Quilliam Foundation, says, these were ,,racially motivated sexual assaults” . The number of victims reaches several thousand people, according to the reports from various cities.

Almost every disclosure of the case of panders gangs in each city was accompanied by a scandal. Investigations dragged on for too long, the police did not respond to reports out of fear of being accused of racial motives. By the time interrogatories regarding these neglectful investigations have been started another scandal erupted.


Sara Rowbotham slam rape
Sara Rowbotham


The coordinator of the British NHS, Sara Rowbotham between 2003 and 2014 drew the police attention 180 times (!) to the “patterns of sexual violence”, but the answer she repeatedly received was that the witnesses were not credible.

Some convicted members of Rochdale gang were sentenced for 5 or 6 years in prison which, in itself, compared to the 13-month sentence for mobile phone video recording in front of the courthouse, is a mockery.

In Newcastle, it turned out that the police arrested the victims of the crime. To make matter worse, one of the perpetrators, who happened to be the police informant was awarded 10 thousand pounds in exchange for information.


Muslim gang rapes in britain

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When the next scandal broke out in Telford, the deputy of this region Lucy Allan openly asked how many more girls must be raped for the government to deal with this matter.

In this situation, which has lasted for years now, do citizens have the right to feel worried? Can some of them risk civil disobedience and ignore court laws putting restrictions on various cases?

The only argument against Robinson’s actions was brought up by the prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who conducted some of these cases and effectively brought convictions. After Tommy’s arrest he posted on Twitter that in Rochdale case the accused nearly escaped justice. The defenders argued impartiality of the process due to the extreme right wing pressures put on the judges.

It is possible that Robinson acted imprudently, but he also acted in an important social interest.

The facts are that we have several thousand victims, prolonged national investigations leading to no ends. Is really the one that deserves immediate imprisonment and punishment is a man with a cell phone in front of the courthouse?


Jan Wójcik


The Polish original: Dlaczego aresztowano człowieka z telefonem…

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