Who We Elect Defines the Crisis We Get

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Economic immigrants in Lesbos protesting against deportation to Turkey.

Among politicians, the thinking “après nous, le déluge” (“after us, the flood”) prevails. No one has any long-term solutions to the immigration problem. The elites are only concerned with short-term solutions, in an attempt to stay in power for as long as possible.

The immigration crisis has taught us that European governments have done nothing to solve the problem. Their efforts focus solely on creating a “proper” narrative that is convenient for the establishment and is then backed by a few slogans uncritically repeated into oblivion by journalists.

Refugees come to Europe; women and children seek refuge from a cruel war; they come here to survive hardship, and with gratitude, they will return to their place of origin. Some of them will probably stay. Those that remain will contribute to the national retirement funds, treat the ill or improve scientific thought.

Who has not experienced this intrusive propaganda streaming from television screens?

The height of journalistic manipulation is a news report from the island of Lesbos, in which the commentator’s voice was in contradiction with the video recording. When the journalist talked about women and children, boats full of young men appeared in front of the viewers’ eyes. Ultimately, internet users decried the Polish broadcaster TVN24’s manipulation, who then hastily took down the material from their social media.


Tommy robinson uk or ussr

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What does this situation look today?

We know that it is not true that mainly women and children came to Europe. We know it is not true that most of the war refugees came to Europe from Syria. We know that it is a false claim that people who came to Europe, who were to join the ranks of doctors, engineers, and IT specialists, are educated.

Citizens pay for politicians’ incompetence.

The borders of European countries are not tight – in principle, everyone can come to Europe, the selection system does not work, and the security services cannot keep up with screening out the terrorists.

Europe has become a hostage to the authoritarian government of Turkey. In addition to meaningless gestures, European governments must accept an authoritarian revolution over the Bosporus. Too dominant voices against Erdogan’s policy trigger waves of refugees. No one wants this in Europe anymore. Democratic Turkish opposition is, in fact, left alone. The democratic world looks helplessly at the silencing of journalists and the political persecution of Erdogan’s opponents.


attacked by erdogans mercenaries islamophobia

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The immigration selection system turned out to be fiction. In principle, the services do not have the means to verify refugee’s identity. Many media outlets have discredited themselves, by building a completely false picture of the situation. Propaganda has replaced analysis; wishes have displaced facts, reliable information has given way to empty slogans such as Merkel’s “we’ll manage.”

Ordinary citizens paid for the incompetence of politicians with a diminishing of their freedoms, and women have also paid with their security. The laws against so-called “hate speech” creates censorship and makes it impossible to criticize the immigration policy of one’s state. Narrowed and mocked narratives tend to become more radical, and it is no coincidence that in Italy the anti-immigrant right is taking power, and in Germany, AfD is breathing down Chancellor Merkel’s neck, despite the establishment’s best efforts to thwart them.

The immigration crisis is only the start.

Let’s state it plainly: what we have seen since 2015 is, in fact, a harbinger of a more profound crisis. Demographic data shows that Europe is and will continue to be the likely the destination for masses of young immigrants from Africa. In their own country, deprived of any prospects, they have nothing to lose. Demographic forecasts for Africa make one’s hair bristle. Suffice it to say that the population of Egypt alone increases by a million people yearly.

So how do we prepare as a European community for a new immigration crisis – probably more significant and more violent than the last one. Are we able to receive 50 million people over the coming decades? How are we going to ensure border security? How effectively do we want to help overcrowded countries? How many people can we accept? When will we have to close our borders, because no European nation will be able to accommodate more immigrants? How will Russia and China behave in the face of the great immigration crisis?

Those living in the unreal world of the EU elite nor the leftist activists with banners in the style of “No man is illegal,” do not have the answers. They have, however, a lot of strength to fight those who ask these questions.


Piotr Ślusarczyk

The Polish original: Jacy politycy taki kryzys

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  2. The West is too feminized to resist any invasion, militarily or socially. The women enjoy the power to impose their powerlessness, through their votes, on each nation state. Illegitimacy appeals to them, with big Sister supplying their needs. A GReat Depression would set it straight but at a terrible price.

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